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Atlas Moderator

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  4:49:34 PM  Show Profile
Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc. announced today that it will discontinue its model railroad forums,, effective Tuesday, May 1st.

In making the announcement Atlas CEO, Tom Haedrich explained the decision behind the shut down as, ďa result of the ever-increasing amount of time and other valuable resources expended to monitor and administer the forums. Besides the monthly costs of bandwidth, software and service providers, Atlas dedicates a significant amount of precious R&D staff time responding both on and offline to forum based issues and problems. Itís time that Atlas reestablished these limited resources, in particular valued R&D employee time, toward increased efforts at developing new and innovative model railroad products Ē, Haedrich said.

Atlas began its forum pages approximately 15 years ago. The archive section of the forums will remain available to users for the near future. Atlas will remain active on social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Atlas Moderator

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:03:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit bxcxdan's Homepage

Wow, this is interesting news. Sorry to hear this Atlas.
To note, looking at the forum is some thing I look forward
to in my day and helps break up my work day with talking to others about fun stuff.

Anyhow, good luck with your R&D..


Daniel M. Bigda
Boxcar Services L.L.C.
North Brookfield Railroad

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  6:28:24 PM  Show Profile
Atlas guys,

It has been good, thanks.


Edited by - ChipR on 2012 April 25 6:28:59 PM

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  7:17:24 PM  Show Profile

was hoping that some things like post counts would get fixed and the spammers and hackers kicked out.
guess it doesnt really matter now.
Thanx for the Memories !!

Erie,America's 1st Trunk Line !!
Piermont N.Y. to Dunkirk N.Y.,1848 !!!
Waiting For Skip's Train To Pull Into Hillside Station !!

Edited by - Spikre on 2012 April 25 7:47:25 PM

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  7:42:35 PM  Show Profile
Well, this is a shame. I hate to see this happen, as I check in here every day.
The news release says they want to spend more time developing new products. What is the point in that?? Heck, they can not produce what they have announced as it is now. Why develop more products, announce them, and then not produce them for years.
I really appreciate the work Atlas has done to provide this forum.
I think with so much of this hobby's news going out via the computer, that this is a rather short sighted decison on the part of Atlas.
RIP Atlas forums.

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Erik C Lindgren

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  8:05:05 PM  Show Profile
This SUCKS!!

An end of era. :-(

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  8:25:15 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by Erik C Lindgren

This SUCKS!!

An end of era. :-(



Modelling the modern day Central Pennsylvania "shortline" Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad
from Milesburg, PA to Lock Haven, PA.

NBER Fall foliage excursion waits in Lock Haven Yard for a Norfolk Southern coal train to come into the yard from the West before headed back East to Bellefonte.

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d tuuri

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  8:48:09 PM  Show Profile
This is very sad news for me! Atlas is one site of three I check every day!!! I have been on here for at last 14- 15 years! I will really miss your forums!


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Ken Rice

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  9:05:17 PM  Show Profile  Visit Ken Rice's Homepage
I'm really sorry to see this, but I understand the reasons behind it. This was my favorite forum. I'll probably move over to the model railroad hobbyist forums now, hope to see others over there.

- Ken

My blog:

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Posted - 2012 April 26 :  12:16:50 AM  Show Profile
This is an extremely poor decision, and a short sighted one at that, from the leading producer of 2 rail product. Monitoring posting and responding to the same stream of information on Twitter or FB will take an equal amount of work. Any mainstream company would kill to own the amount of data Atlas has amassed from this forum, why bother to manage this same information on a platform SOMEONE ELSE owns (i e FB or Twitter).

As a businessman I am always depressed by poor decision making on the part of successful companies.

Atlas, here is what you (or any other sane company) should do. Keep your forum, hire an intern or two to manage it. Have that person actually respond to requests, actually use the data garnered to improve the product and your market.

In the meantime, focus your energy on your supply chain and your sourcing strategy. The forum is the least of your problems and the last of your concerns.


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Ken Rice

Posted - 2012 April 26 :  07:41:04 AM  Show Profile  Visit Ken Rice's Homepage
Adam - There have been a lot of "spam" new member names lately. Some of them have even managed to post a new spam thread before being shut off. That's a lot of work to keep up with. This forum can display user generate content (we can post after all) and it can send email with user generated content. Those two factors make it a nice target for hackers. The forum software is a version behind and is known to have security vulnerabilities. Deploying an update can be a lot of work and hassle. My point is there is a lot of ongoing work and pain involved in maintaining a web service these days that you never see as a user. And in fact a lot off companies that used to host their own user forums are now paying third parties to host and maintain them.

I'm really sad to see this forum shut down, but I understand why they made the decision.

- Ken

My blog:

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Robyn Watkins

Posted - 2012 April 26 :  09:14:11 AM  Show Profile
I'm saddened by the decision, but can understand why. I'm just grateful that Atlas has provided forums for all of use to enjoy over the years.

Thank you, Atlas.


Edited by - Robyn Watkins on 2012 April 26 09:16:25 AM

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Stourbridge Lion

Posted - 2012 April 26 :  10:16:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit Stourbridge Lion's Homepage
Sorry to hear this new yesterday...

We welcome all to the Model Railroader Forums ( and/or Classic Toy Trains Forums (

-- Darren (BLHS & CRRM Lifetime Member)

My Websites: and

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Erik C Lindgren

Posted - 2012 April 26 :  12:26:05 PM  Show Profile
It was the Atlas forum that got me to the online O scale community.

Mike Caddell (Arvadacrossing) told me about it years ago and I followed him here. Best thing I ever did.

Atlas ARE YOU SURE YOU WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND? What can we the community do to change your mind or help persuade you to stop this nonsense?

It was the Atlas forum that made the CZ cars better no perfect, a total success for you guys.

I urge you.. RE-CONSIDER this terrible decision.

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Posted - 2012 April 26 :  1:57:40 PM  Show Profile  Visit UP6903's Homepage
I can see the move as times are tuff and any cost savings could be put to more top line growth, hopefully more models.
See you all on facebook where someone will open an Atlas O site.

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Posted - 2012 April 26 :  3:53:52 PM  Show Profile
I always felt the Atlas O Forum was a step above the rest. It helped separate the wheat from the chaff.

You will be missed.

I do agree with Erik with regard to the CZ cars. I don't know if you will ever be able get a better response when finalizing a production run.

Atlas, thank you for many years of enjoyment.

Edited by - E1 on 2012 April 26 3:54:40 PM

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