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Atlas Moderator

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  4:48:58 PM  Show Profile
Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc. announced today that it will discontinue its model railroad forums,, effective Tuesday, May 1st.

In making the announcement Atlas CEO, Tom Haedrich explained the decision behind the shut down as, ďa result of the ever-increasing amount of time and other valuable resources expended to monitor and administer the forums. Besides the monthly costs of bandwidth, software and service providers, Atlas dedicates a significant amount of precious R&D staff time responding both on and offline to forum based issues and problems. Itís time that Atlas reestablished these limited resources, in particular valued R&D employee time, toward increased efforts at developing new and innovative model railroad products Ē, Haedrich said.

Atlas began its forum pages approximately 15 years ago. The archive section of the forums will remain available to users for the near future. Atlas will remain active on social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Atlas Moderator

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Rob de rebel

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  4:53:54 PM  Show Profile

Well thats not good news! I think the keeping the forum would of been a better choice, than spending time on Facebook, twitter, and youtube. 15 years!


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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  4:55:31 PM  Show Profile  Visit Spookshow's Homepage
Thanks for the 15 years, Atlas (13 for me). Trainboard, here I come


Dear Atlas - Please Make More DME/ICE Models!

Edited by - Spookshow on 2012 April 25 5:16:55 PM

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  4:58:00 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by Rob de rebel

Well thats not good news! I think the keeping the forum would of been a better choice, than spending time on Facebook, twitter, and youtube. 15 years!


What about people like me that don't get on facebook, twitter and you-tube? Heak, this is the only forum I've got! And just when I get to know people.

I thought that I was good with atlas to keep records of all the questions that I asked and the answers to them.


Modelling the modern day Central Pennsylvania "shortline" Nittany and Bald Eagle Railroad
from Milesburg, PA to Lock Haven, PA.

NBER Fall foliage excursion waits in Lock Haven Yard for a Norfolk Southern coal train to come into the yard from the West before headed back East to Bellefonte.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:24:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit eddelozier's Homepage
Thanks for 15 years of useful information.


Eddie Delozier
N-Scale PRR

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:32:25 PM  Show Profile
Since the Atlas forum is only one of 6 I read this is not really bad. It is what they feel they must do , so be it.
Thanks for the fun times.

Ken Price
Lake County Ca.
Super Empire Builder with radio throttles.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:39:47 PM  Show Profile
I just wanted to add my thanks for the information I've been able to use by reading the forum postings. I certainly can understand the reasons for Atlas' actions.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:42:53 PM  Show Profile

Its been a good run.
Not an easy decission to have made.

Are any of the forms worth the time, only been posting here, so I'll need to find a new form.

Do your part buy stuff!

Edited by - DJCONWAY on 2012 April 25 5:50:03 PM

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:47:06 PM  Show Profile
Wow! I just posted a question and went back to see it on the forum. It takes me a long time to type, but "holy smoke" then I see this. Well, I've been here for a short time, but it's been fun. Thank you Atlas, and "thank you" to all the members here. You all take care. Regards Charley.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:51:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit C855B's Homepage
This forum will be missed. However, speaking as a volunteer moderator on a large forum, I fully understand.

Best of luck to you and yours at Atlas. See the rest of you "elsewhere".

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Denver Road Doug

Posted - 2012 April 25 :  5:53:54 PM  Show Profile
Thanks Atlas, it has been a good run.

I think it's a good move. Atlas can communicate much more effectively with the other methods, and frankly they haven't been responding to customer service issues posted here very well. Not sure how that will be handled going forward. (probably old Nor have they really been knocking it out of the park with moderating, either. Now they can wash their hands of the moderating and ridiculousness that prevails more often than not.

I have met some good friends on here though...I'm curious if that same type of interaction can happen without an "industry" forum. I always felt this forum had credibility beyond reproach and that is what set it apart...not from the participants, mind you, but the team behind the scenes. It seemed to be the de facto standard for referencing the industry. It was a good common reference "ice breaker" at shows too..."hey I saw someone mention on the Atlas forum that you guys offer these details separate"...etc.

Edited by - Denver Road Doug on 2012 April 25 6:08:32 PM

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  6:27:02 PM  Show Profile
A shame; while I haven't been posting much as of late, this forum helped get me back into N Scale Ten years back. I'm sure it was pretty high maintenance for Atlas.

Stop by N Scale Talk and say Hi!

Rod Schaffter
C'mon in! Sit a spell...

On your Layout, do what you think is fun. If it doesn't work, fix it and learn from the experience so you will have fun next time. It's your Railroad.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  6:27:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit bdennis's Homepage
Will be sad to see it go!.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  6:32:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit daniel_leavitt2000's Homepage
For those who have a sense of humor, I suggest trying out
Other good sites are and

Well if this is the last few days of this forum, Atlas please make Comet II commuter cars!

Goodbye and good luck.

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  6:32:54 PM  Show Profile
That buzzing sound you are hearing is 3rdrail spinning in his grave . Geez , even the Mayans didn't see this crossroads of all model railroaders coming together to share , ending . ( Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube ) are sites I refuse to take part in . I am grateful for what Atlas has offered , and regret that nothing good for the hobby will be a result of them pulling the plug , and that includes any saved money or work hours to devote to producing models . They don't need a train smart person to run a forum , just any person that can tactfully but firmly abide by your standards and requests would do . Damn this stinks , I feel like I am about to lose a hobby eye , ear , and some of my voice .

Richie Dost Photos

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Posted - 2012 April 25 :  6:34:45 PM  Show Profile
Too bad...


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