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Posted - 2012 January 09 :  1:55:09 PM  Show Profile
What do you guys think about the Proto 1000 C-liner model? Any info would be great, and thanks for the help.

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Posted - 2012 January 09 :  1:58:29 PM  Show Profile  Visit rutlandfan's Homepage
I like them. I had some CP ones before. I now have an NYC model which I have detailed to be one of the EMD repowered units. Very smooth runner, good detail and can pull.


Member, Rutland Railway Historical Society -

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Posted - 2012 January 09 :  2:07:14 PM  Show Profile
Thanks Phil. Do these come with any grab irons to put on?


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Steve Wagner

Posted - 2012 January 09 :  2:23:50 PM  Show Profile
The Proto B-B C Liners originally came from Hobbycraft Canada and came with handrails that the modeler had to install. (Some people called them Proto 1000 1/2. I bought two of the Canadian National units in road numbers that I knew had run on the Central Vermont. Central Hobbies of Vancouver, BC -- not to be confused with Central Hobby Supply of Syracuse, NY -- put instructions for installing the handrails on their website.

I think the B-C C Liners (with one two-axle truck and one three-axle) were offered by True Line Trains, also of Canada.

Edited by - Steve Wagner on 2012 January 09 2:24:42 PM

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Dennis R

Posted - 2012 January 09 :  5:47:48 PM  Show Profile
I really like the C Liners and mine were very smooth. I had CN ABBA units that I would often run as AB and they can really pull. Also there is plenty
of room in them for a speaker if you would want to install sound.

The grabs are included and need to be applied.


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Posted - 2012 January 09 :  8:15:26 PM  Show Profile

I currently own a ABAA in PROTO 1000 series. I have a NYC SET.

I also had two Milwaukee Rd sets (sold).

They ran great ! Great pullers! my set is dcc ready ! just buy 165lo by Digitrax. The first series was not as friendly for DCC if i remember correct.


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Posted - 2012 January 10 :  12:19:03 AM  Show Profile
Good model, good detailing for a P1K, decent price. I'm happy with my two.

"CP #11 4097 North, Item 3 Proceed from begin/end CTC sign Bolton B-O-L, to north N-O-R-T-H siding switch Palgrave, P-A-L, clear main track."

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Posted - 2012 January 10 :  1:24:09 PM  Show Profile
One of the best running models I have ever owned/operated. Period.

What horn?

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Posted - 2012 January 10 :  2:42:09 PM  Show Profile  Visit el3637's Homepage
I have some of these still NIB. The only P1K stuff I've actually run are some of the F3s... they are smooth but run like a scalded squirrel. I don't know if the others have the same drive line or not. The C-liners and Eries were sort of a "get-em-while-you-can" rainy day purchase, along with the DL109s. Hasn't rained hard enough yet, but I'm ok with hanging on to them especially comparing what I paid for them to what they're going for now.


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Posted - 2012 January 10 :  5:46:16 PM  Show Profile  Visit rutlandfan's Homepage
They came with grab irons and handrails. The CP ones I had were separate items to put on. The NYC one had it already installed.

I used a Tsunami AT Board EMD 567 decoder in mine, with a TDS 20mm by 35mm speaker and enclosure. Two wraps of electrical tape around the side of the enclosure, I was able to press fit the speaker/enclosure over the back truck facing down. I then detailed the shell as per Jim Six's article in MR doing the EMD repowered C-Liners. I left mine numbered 5013. I like it and it MU's nicely with my A-B set of Genesis NYC F3's with Tsunami's.


Member, Rutland Railway Historical Society -

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Posted - 2012 January 20 :  3:53:10 PM  Show Profile
I purchased an A/B set of the PRR C- liners last year and once the detail parts are added and you install a decoder, these locomotives could well be the best kept secret of All-Time in HO scale engines.
Traditionally, I think the name 'Proto 1000' came to be associated with 'sub-par' or 'budget' in the minds of a lot of modelers and I never gave them a thought myself - until I ran across the Erie Builts at a train show for $62. That was my first experience and after gambling the money, I came out way ahead in bang for the buck.
I got the C-Liner A-B Set for $75.00 NEW on a clearance rack at my LHS.
I was already familiar with the very nicely done Erie-Builts and they run equally smooth, are heavy and will pull big time.
The Shell Detail and add-on parts bring this model to par with most RTR offerings out there today and rival IMHO many of the F units that are available.
The PRR units were more bland but tend to show off the shape and contours of the carbody more and I'm very pleased with mine - one of the best 'steals' in motive power I ever made.
I wasn't looking to buy C-liners but at the price, I couldn't say 'no' and thay have a great home now.
I highly recommend anyone finding these at train shows, a 'BEST BUY'...if, you're looking for a period model with excellent detail and quiet, smooth running motor that will pull strong, then the C-Liner is a great value -if you can find one - and in a roadname you can live with.
If I can ever find a set of the UP's in either the C-L's or Erie Builts, I'm plunking my money down.


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Posted - 2012 January 20 :  8:07:25 PM  Show Profile
I have a A-B-A set in MILW.

Canadian prototype, nose grabs, horns and such are different than MILW ones. MILW rebuilt theirs and put the 3 radiator fans in-line on the roof centerline. Probably be OK for as-built MILW units.

They pull decent, but downhill running is not the greatest. Seems to be a fair amount of slop in the trucks. Trucks look to be Athearn clone, but with thin gears. Not sure of axle spacing, proper 9'-4", or EMD 9'. Running 30-40 cars behind seems to help with the downhill running, slight drag keeps pulling. When the train starts coming down the hill, running into the engines, they bind up a bit.

Drive with DA-SR installed.

Motors have given me issues as well, usually 1 of the 3 is slower than the rest, especially after 30 minutes or so of run time. I was able to get another set at a steal of a price, and have stuck a new drive under the worst offender. Then a different one starts running slow and squealing... These have the newer style motors in them. Maybe the ones I have are just junk...

Factory LED headlight is bright, but needs a resistor in-line when adding a decoder. I have NCE DA-SRs in these now. Might change to TCS A4Xs to see if the BEMF helps with the motor issues. I have a feeling the real fix is going to be Kato motors and Atlas H16-44 C-Liner trucks.

Mike WSOR cndr/engr - HO scale since 1988 Visit our club at Hoping for a Silver Series H16-66

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