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Posted - 2010 June 29 :  12:56:37 PM  Show Profile
Most important lesson learned:


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Posted - 2010 June 29 :  5:44:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit IAISfan's Homepage
Originally posted by ri_e8_652

How does this help me stick to a budget? Easy: If it wasn’t seen on CP Rail in the early to mid-1990s in western Canada, I don’t buy it. This mean that all those wonderful new steamers and modern diesel locomotives can stay on the shelf at my local hobby shop—and my money can stay in my wallet.

Easy for you to say. Hard in practice. It's like swearing off ice cream. You know that it's bad for just tastes so good!

Something that really helps me to stay disciplined is to immerse myself in my prototype - to get a really clear mental image of what I'm trying to recreate. For example, I was recently tempted to buy a Kato SD40-2 to model a unit that didn't show up on my prototype until about 2-1/2 months after the end of my era. While I was thinking it over, I started watching video of the IAIS from Spring 2005 - the exact time I'm modeling. Before long, the desire to buy anything from outside that era - even just 2-1/2 months outside - had left me completely. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed that timeframe for just what it was, and had no desire to try to add anything to it.

Joe Atkinson

Modeling Iowa Interstate's West End, Spring 2005

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Posted - 2010 June 29 :  7:03:00 PM  Show Profile
To go along with Joe's point:

When I decided to tear my layout out a couple of years ago...I also decided that my collection of rolling stock and locomotives was both unrealistic and excessive...especially to the point where I was NEVER going to get the railroad back up and running...because I could not focus on the task at hand...there were too MANY tasks!!

This change has made my focus better, and allowed me to skip the hoopla of the advance reservations...and stick to my budget.

I've never enjoyed the hobby more at this point.

Tom Austin
Centralia IL

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Witch Doctor

Posted - 2010 June 30 :  02:37:52 AM  Show Profile
And when that runs out, it's better to go take out your frustrations on electronic aliens than to send your project for a close encounter of the worst kind with a wall... Especially if it's someone else's.

Dave Dexter
"Mechanical engineers build weapons. Civil engineers build targets..."

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rick marcroft

Posted - 2010 July 01 :  5:35:46 PM  Show Profile
that track you just cleaned?

it's dirty again

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red P

Posted - 2010 July 01 :  8:41:52 PM  Show Profile  Visit red P's Homepage
Originally posted by rick marcroft

that track you just cleaned?

it's dirty again


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Posted - 2010 July 01 :  8:48:10 PM  Show Profile

modeling an abandonded line cures dirty track permently !!
also cure DCC problems.
even DC problems !!
a secondary line running thru the scene will keep one sharp on the above that are used .

Erie,America's 1st Trunk Line !!
Piermont N.Y. to Dunkirk N.Y.,1848 !!!
Waiting For Skip's Train To Pull Into Hillside Station !!

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Posted - 2010 July 02 :  07:52:25 AM  Show Profile
Most odd thing I've learned from model railroading is that some hobbyists and railfans are never happy. Which is strange considering that it's a hobby and hobbies are s'posed to help us relax and unwind from all of the crap in our every day lives. Ah well...

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Posted - 2010 July 02 :  12:28:00 PM  Show Profile
With 55 years in the hobby where to start?

I suppose I'll start with the best lesson learned in those 55 years even tho' it took a mere 35 years to learn this lesson that I now hold as a truth.

You gotta model to please yourself and not others after all if you can't please yourself how you going to please others?

Now,if you are please with your modeling why worry about pleasing others?

Summerset Ry.

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Jim from Valencia CA

Posted - 2010 July 02 :  12:39:19 PM  Show Profile

Your point is exactly on point! I work in a very stressful occupation and my modeling is a relief. It is for me and I derive great pleasure out of what I do. Many who see my layout are impressed, but there is always some rivet counter or someone else who has to express their disappointment. That used to bother me, but then I realized my layout serves my purposes.

Also, I second the comments about patience and discipline. These lessons were learned from my early modeling efforts and have served me well over the years in other aspects of life. My kids have been more into video games, etc. that offer more instant gratification. They are missing one of the greatest experieces of working on perfecting modeling skills.

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