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 Misc paint questions..
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Posted - 2010 June 03 :  6:04:19 PM  Show Profile
I mix a few drops of paint in 70% alcohol for weathering washes. Can 70% alcohol be used to thin the paint (20/80 paint/thinner) for airbrush spraying? anyone ever tried this? I'm having trouble finding distilled water.

Also.....70% alc. will strip Atlas shells, correct? I recall reading about a 6-hour soak. Thoughts?

and finally, what to use to strip Kato shells?

any info will be appreciated.

thanks Gentlemen

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Lou D

Posted - 2010 June 03 :  6:17:46 PM  Show Profile
Although I've never used water based paint on trains,I do use it on RC cars and helicopters because it dries quicker.You can't just mix alcohol with the paint,you need to mix the water in the paint,then put it in the alcohol.I use as much as 20% of 91% alcohol in the water..I would guess you could just use regular rubbing alcohol almost straight,since it's mostly water.
Use 91% or higher alcohol to strip paint,should work on almost anything made recently..

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Posted - 2010 June 03 :  6:49:19 PM  Show Profile
Do you have a dehumidifyer or a window AC unit? if so the water that drains out of these units is distilled water. That is how I get mine.

I too use the 91% alcohol for stripping shells, my only concern with using too strong of an alcohol for weathering washes is that it could affect the paint.
For weathering with an air brush I just add a little distilled water to the paint so it is the consistency of 2% milk, I then control the amount of paint going onto the model with the air brush, I also reduce the air pressure, you should be able to apply a very light coat of paint for weathering.

It's all scenery.

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Posted - 2010 June 03 :  7:08:08 PM  Show Profile
Any pharmacy (or drug store chain) will sell distilled water (since it is used medically). My supermarket also sells distilled water in gallon containers for less than $1! It is in the spring water isle.

Also unless your tap water is really badly contaminated with minerals tap water will be just fine.


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Posted - 2010 June 03 :  9:20:18 PM  Show Profile
91% alcohol strips Atlas cars and engines quickly and completely but will not strip Kato engines. I use Cameleon paint stripper for them.


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Lou D

Posted - 2010 June 04 :  12:35:10 AM  Show Profile
I've never bothered with distilled water..[LOL!!..Didn't even know!!!]

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Posted - 2010 June 04 :  07:12:45 AM  Show Profile
Deionised, distilled water or demineralised water is also sold as water for electric Irons. If you live in a soft water area just use tap water.

Distilled water is good for putting on Decals as it tends to leave less residue.

Have a good week-end everybody. I know I will, the sun is out. I have a cold one waiting for me at home. I am at work at the moment.

Planning on doing a bit more of my Mojave desert area based layout over the weekend. China lake NAS needs building.

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Mr Z

Posted - 2010 June 04 :  12:51:38 PM  Show Profile
I also get my distilled water at the supermarket. In my case I find it in the aisle with the cleaning supplies since they sell it for use in irons, etc.

Martin Z

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Posted - 2010 June 05 :  08:01:54 AM  Show Profile
Thanks Zguys. I picked up a gallon at the supermarket for $1.06. Never thought to look there.

the 91% alcohol won't damage the Atlas cars and engines?

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Roger Perkins

Posted - 2010 June 05 :  10:16:35 AM  Show Profile  Visit Roger Perkins's Homepage
The product called "rubbing alcohol" is 70% isopropyl alcohol or isopranol depending on which naming convention one prefers. The other 30% is water.

I have spray painted n-scale structures using Polly S paints which I thinned per the bottle instructions with water which are 4 parts paint to 1 part water. I used distilled water.
For satisfactory coverage, I applied two coats.

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Mike G

Posted - 2010 June 06 :  04:04:23 AM  Show Profile  Visit Mike G's Homepage
Originally posted by lirr

Also.....70% alc. will strip Atlas shells, correct? I recall reading about a 6-hour soak. Thoughts?

I use 91% alcohol. As far as the time factor goes, that greatly depends on the temperature of the alcohol. I've had Atlas shells soak in alcohol overnight in a cool basement with minimal stripping occurring. When I warmed the alcohol and placed the shells in, they were stripped in a matter of minutes.

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