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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  2:53:05 PM  Show Profile
A lot of people are already posting special photos of their stuff on the Sunday Night Foto Fun thread.

We're hoping for a big turnout tonight/today (depending on what part of the world you're in).

Glad you could join us.

We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of N gauge.

It was 50 years ago about this time that DC electric trains began running on 9 mm track in both England and Germany. They may not have been 100% true N scale (1:160) as many people measure N scale, but it became the foundation for what we model today.

So we are celebrating anything N today.

If you have an account, feel free to reminisce.

Even better, post a photo of the oldest stuff you've got- whether old is 50 years old or 50 days old--- whatever old it to you.

Let's have fun!

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  3:21:04 PM  Show Profile
This is my oldie for the 2 year too early celebration of N Scale . A 1967 Atlas 5 axle C-Liner

Richie Dost Photos

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  4:20:35 PM  Show Profile
This is one of the old mail order houses we had to use in the old days.I got this box cars from E&H Model Hobbies in the late 60's.

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Lou D

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  5:25:08 PM  Show Profile
Well,here goes..Not gonna post everything,just the favorites,LOL!! First is Atlas' first flywheel loco,the Roco FA's.The LV's are off the shelf,I recently custom painted the PRR's and the EL's..Had all of them since the first run,1977?

Here's a set of Arnold Fa's,had them forever.too.The B unit is two A's cut up and glued together.

Here's an other real oldie,a Lima GP30..I did a spoofish paint job on it recently so it didn'tlook "too" good after I rescued it outa my junkbox..[All junk eventually becomes treasure,LOL!!] I hand picked all the wheels,gears,ETC for it from a few others I had,believe it or not,it runs FANTASTIC!!!I had it pulling 25+ cars..

Last but not least,my oldest locos.Got one of the A's the first year Sears sold Postage Stamp trains,['67??] Got it for Christmas.The other followed shortly thereafter.Got the B as an A maybe 10 years ago,had a rotten shell,the one on it is one of my castings..I just recently repainted all three and put on the grills..These run really well,too.Still have the box,the passenger cars,track,and transformer

Edited by - Lou D on 2010 March 07 5:42:42 PM

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  5:49:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Zox's Homepage
This was my first attempt to build a "serious" model railroad, on a 4x6 table.

I'd "played with trains" in O and HO as a kid, but until the 1990s I'd lost interest, and got back into them through, of all things, a desire to build terrain for wargaming.

These pictures were taken as I was dismantling the layout. I'd just gotten into modular railroading--you can see my first module in "transport mode" at the bottom of the second picture--and I didn't have room in my apartment to both work on modules and have a permanent layout.

While the layout is gone, that module--and a couple of others--now make up my N-scale empire:

...but that is another story. :)

Rob M., aka Zox
L o r d Z o x @ a o l . c o m
It is said a Shaolin chef can wok through walls...

Edited by - Zox on 2010 March 07 5:50:24 PM

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  6:15:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit train1's Homepage
I started with one of those MINITRIX sets with good ol' German reliability. It came in a flat rectangular box. My parents were smart enough to get me the Canadian National version. It had the excellently detailed for the era and powerful CN Tiger Striped F7 locomotive. A brownish off-set cupola caboose, burlington red gondola, peabody hopper, morrels meats steel boxcar, and a yellow Peerless wood refrigerator car. I still have all these pieces of rolling stock in my collection converted from Rapido couplers. When I see them it always brings back memories.
As for my photo - in honour of a potential new N Scale version, I present....with factory air still included

Paris Junction
Mile 30.73 Dundas Sub
Paris, Ontario


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victor miranda

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  6:34:58 PM  Show Profile
this loco is the oldest I own.

this loco is the first one I purchased
It went with me to school and survived the theft
of my other n-scale things.
it had new parts and then a new chassis....

and this one is the most puzzling one
do not know who built it nor how.
and the paint job is past my ablities.

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Metro Red Line

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  7:39:02 PM  Show Profile  Visit Metro Red Line's Homepage
I'm a relatively new convert to N scale, having switched in November 2006 after some 26 years in HO scale.

N scale looks very nice, more proto and less toylike these days, thanks to advances in technology and manufacturing, so for those contemplating going N, this is the best time to do it!

These are my oldest N-scale items, they're only three years old, but they were the first N-scale items I've ever owned - two Athearn boxcars (since I was familiar with Athean in HO, this was not a bad way to transition!, a strip of Atlas Code 55 flextrack and some roadbed. I took a pic of them with their HO scale equivalents to symbolize my transition from HO to N back in November '06:]

And although this is the 50th anniversary of N-gauge, N scale started in 1962...which means only one thing:


Edited by - Metro Red Line on 2010 March 07 7:40:59 PM

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  7:41:59 PM  Show Profile
Here's a late '60s/early '70s Atlas/RivaRossi Mike:

I reworked the crossheads, blackened the wheels and valve gear and installed a Sagami motor over 20 years ago.

I have a couple of Atlas C-liners, and some old Con-Cor, but no pix handy...

Rod Schaffter
C'mon in! Sit a spell...

On your Layout, do what you think is fun. If it doesn't work, fix it and learn from the experience so you will have fun next time. It's your Railroad.

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Big Mac FLA

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  8:15:17 PM  Show Profile
Happy Birthday N-Scale. I have a good story and can tell it now, as the 2 principals involved are deceased. At least I know my Dad is. This goes back to just before Christmas 1968. My Dad was a Meat Manager for A&P. The store he was working in at the time was in Queens. The overall store mgr had a second job as a cargo handler at JFK. One day he asks my Dad to come down to the basement as he wants to show him something. My Dad goes and the Mgr shows him several sets of Aurora Postage Stamp Trains that just came in from Germany. How they got to the basement of the A&P is a mystery!!! Anyway he asks my Dad if he wants one for me, a high school senior at the time. My Dad says to him "My son is a Sr in HS. What does he want with a train set". The Mgr pointed out this was something new to the USA and model railroading and shows Dad an open set. Dad had to agree they were "unique". I think he paid the Mgr $15 for the set and takes it home. He shows my Mom and Mom asks the logical question, "Who is that for". He says me and Mom says, "He is a Sr in HS, what does he want with a train set." Anyway, Christmas morning comes and we all exchange gifts, Mom, Dad, my sister and grandparents. We are all done and I notice a Gimbels shirt box off to one side of the tree, wrapped only with a rubber band and sort of tilted up on one side. I ask if that is for anyone and Mom says "Oh, we forgot. That is for you." I open it up and here is this Postage Stamp Train Set. I look at it for a few seconds; look at my Mom and Dad and say, "I am a Sr in HS. A train set!!!!!" The 2 of them cracked up and Dad explained they were new to the US and I should give them a try. I had Lionel but these were very cool. For my grandfather and I, it was love at first sight. We set them up on the dining room table and ran them all day. In fact my Mom and grandmother threatened us w/bodily harm if we did not take them down so they could serve Christmas dinner. Dad got me the Pennsy set, F-9, 4 cars, caboose, oval of track and the transformer, all neatly packaged in the book-type box. This past Christmas they were 41 yrs old and they still run. I left them exactly as they came, Rapido couplers and all. Dad got the Pennsy, I assume, as he was raised in PA. Now I am still around, but I think the statutes have run out on this one. My Dad told me the real story about the set when I was in college and he realized he created an N-Scale monster. So. Lets just keep this between us friends. Thanks, RSM

Roger S. McCoy

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Big Mac FLA

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  8:26:15 PM  Show Profile
I meant to say Happy Anniversary. UP1950's, love the C-Liner. Looks better than the original paint. Lived around the corner from Westwood Station in Malverne, but never saw one of these unfortunately.

Roger S. McCoy

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Mike G

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  8:54:18 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mike G's Homepage
Big Mac FLA (Roger): that is an excellent story. Thanks for sharing it! You got your first Postage Stamp Train set the exact time I got mine - Christmas 1968. I've been an N scale junkie ever since!

Edited by - Mike G on 2010 March 07 8:55:17 PM

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  10:58:24 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by Big Mac FLA

I meant to say Happy Anniversary. UP1950's, love the C-Liner. Looks better than the original paint. Lived around the corner from Westwood Station in Malverne, but never saw one of these unfortunately.

Thanks . I don't think they ran to Malverne . I think they were mostly main line . I go through the town of Malverne at least once a month or more , always envious . Grossmans little farm is still at the fork just south of the Southern State exit 17 . I think that ground level station was one of the first to eliminate a live station master and go to that machine thing . Good Deli there for hero's , and the road leads to White Castle in Lynbrook .

ps You said Westwood , so I had to get the map out . Thats a station I never saw , though in Malverne . Been very close to it as I frequent the Val-Brook diner and had my car repaired at a place on Railroad Ave . Some day very soon I will go the four or five blocks north of those places and have a peek .

Richie Dost Photos

Edited by - up1950s on 2010 March 08 12:30:44 AM

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  11:22:01 PM  Show Profile
Guys,Looking over the pictures of the early N Scale I can not help but wonder how in blue blazes did a young dye in the wool HO modeler become fascinated with such unrealistic looking locomotives?

Then one Saturday I saw a Atlas N Scale train set that had a E8 and 2-3 freight cars and a caboose..Of course the shop being full of HO modelers and 1 or 2 follow club members I didn't bother to look at it to closely after all N Scale was a joke and a novelty and those that bought N Scale was to be looked down upon with pity..I returned later that day just before closing time and bought that set,2 switches,some sectional track and several Atlas freight cars and headed home.I set up a loop of track on the dining room table and watch in awe as that tiny train made lap after lap after lap.

Needless to say I was hook..I proceed to build a 3x3' layout and added several more cars and 2 Alco RSC-2s..These locomotives lasted about 2 years before they died.Shortly after replacing the Alcos with Arnold Rapido GP9s I received my draft notice..Before leaving for the basic I sold this layout to a older gentleman.

When I was discharged from the Army I returned home with 2 Arnold/Rapido GP9s and several Atlas cars I bought at AHC in New York while station at Ft.Dix,NJ.However,I sold these and returned to HO.However,2 years later MR ran the Clinchfield project layout and once again my thoughts turn to N Scale..I talk it over with my wife(she had became active in the hobby as my structure kit builder.) and she asked "What's N Scale?" Bad question at the right time.We was off to the hobby shop the following Saturday where I introduce my wife to N Scale..I didn't buy anything that day other then 2 bottles of paint nor did we talk very much about N Scale on the way home as I saw she was thinking it over.The next morning over breakfast she ask me how big of a layout could we build? I thought small and said a 2'x5' should work.Then she said let's go to Columbus Saturday so I can look over the structures.

Long story short when we walked out of the Train Station we had 47 use Atlas cars and 2 AHM RSD15s and 12 pieces of flex track and 3 building kits..That 2x5' layout was replace with a 36" x80" HCD layout that lasted 10 years..

I returned to HO in '89 but,I never strayed very far from N Scale.In '93 I started dabbling in N Scale by building a 1x6' ISL and I finally switched my primary scale from HO to N in 2008 and sold 70% of my HO to help finance my N Scale.

Summerset Ry.

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Posted - 2010 March 08 :  12:40:56 AM  Show Profile
My Grandfather helped me buy my first N Scale.. He was my best freind and got me into trains..He was a Guard at the Standard Steel here in Burnham.. He also was a MP in WWII and was in Berlin in 45.. I have loved trains all my life and have never looked back.. My first N Scale was a Bachmann Bicentenial set N&W U36B and those fantasy box cars.. You see nothing in this set was proto, the U-boat wasn't proto, the cars sure weren't and the caboose wasn't neither.. But see I loved it and still have it today.. All these guys that complain about what is not real, well let me say it all is.. As a young kid that likes trains it makes you what you are.. Instead of getting into trouble doing thiangs that you shouldn't makes you a better person.. I went on to work for Conrail and now NS, and I love every minute of it.. My joy is sharing my love of trains N Scale for sure with all of you.. Thats what makes this hobby so great.. After 35 years of N Scale and pains taking hours and dollars heres what I came up with.. I hope that I can see 50 more years of it..I would have 35,000 cars by then..

Some of my 35 year collection.. 1,400 engines and some 16,000 cars..

Todd Treaster, NY,S&A

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Posted - 2010 March 08 :  01:05:47 AM  Show Profile
Happy Birthday N scale!

Ron mentioned that he wanted our first train sets (not just N scale). Here is my entry into model railroading:

I grew up in Poland in in the 60s and 70s. Most of the time I lived with my grandmother in a house with a busy main line right in the back yard! Also close by was a large factory manufacturing locomotives and passenger cars with a private set of tracks connecting various plant buildings. So from early age I was fascinated with trains. At that time Polish Railways ran all types of equipment: Steamers, diesels and electrics. My mom obviously noticed my fascination with trains and she purchased a train set for me. Simple 3-car set with a steam loco, power pack and oval set of TT gauge track. Back then it was very difficult to find anything in stores. Everybody grabbed whatever was available.

Mom had no model railroad experience. She just walked into the store and bought a set that was available and not too expensive. She also liked the small size. TT gauge was quite popular in Poland since people lived in very small apartments. N scale was at that point almost non-existent. Anyways, I was only about 3 years old when she bough it. Way too young for that train set. She stashed it in a closet and I received it for Christmas when I was about 6 or 7 years old.

The original set is long gone but I was lucky enough to find an exact set on eBay. In New Zeland no less! So now I again own my original train set. It was made in East Germany by Zeuke.

Originally I ran it on the floor but then my father set up couple of boards for a more permanent "layout". Then every Christmas I would get more items for my train set. I got more boxcars, track switches, building kits and even a semaphore!

When I was around 11 mom had a layout table built for me. It was plywood top with removable legs. About 3x4 feet in size. I then started a permanent layout. I remember constantly modifying it and I even built electronic circuit where I could have 2 trains running on the same loop without colliding. I had that layout up til I was about 16. Here is the only photo I have of that layout:

Funny thing is that the more TT scale cars I picked up, the cars from that original set didn't look right. When I found that set on eBay (as an adult) and I did some research on it I realized that it was actually narrow gauge H0 scale set made by Zeuke to run on TT gauge track. That explains why the cars didn't look right next to 1:120 TT scale cars. Of course mom didn't know any of this and besides she just picked a small train set that was available at the time.

My first N scale experience was at my grandfather's apartment. He liked to build small train layouts. I remember he originally had a TT scale layout which he later gave to one of his sons and then he built another one. This one had TT trains on the outside loop and N scale oval on the inside. N scale models were made by PIKO from East Germany. I was interested by the smaller trains but I didn't get into N scale until I immigrated to USA.

At that point I found out that TT scale was pretty much dead in USA. So I jumped into N scale. That was in mid 80s. My first N scale models were some Bachmann locos and Bachmann, Atlas and Model Power rolling stock. They are buried somewhere deep in my train boxes. However I have also acquired some vintage N scale models thought the years. Here are some of them:

Here is an older Atlas (Rivarossi) Pacific I repainted and detailed for B&M. I also installed a Sagami motor in it.

I have to say that in the last 30 years or so N scale has grown by leaps and bounds! I'm glad that I am part of the N scale community!


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