Atlas Model Railroad Co. - Sunday Night Photo Fun (SNFF) - 2010/03/07 - 50 YR
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 Sunday Night Photo Fun (SNFF) - 2010/03/07 - 50 YR
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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  10:10:03 AM  Show Profile
Have at it
Richie Dost Photos

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  10:11:46 AM  Show Profile
It was pointed out to me by cv_acr Chris over on the Railwire that the BC Rail didn't exist in the 50's decade , so I converted it to a USAX TOFC ..

This is my oldie for the 2 year too early celebration of N Scale . A 1967 Atlas 5 axle C-Liner

Richie Dost Photos

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Power Stroke

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  10:22:22 AM  Show Profile
Picked up one of these this week. AMAZING!!!
This has got to be the single coolest item I've got for the layout to date.

The amount of detail on this little B Model blows my mind, the picture simply doesn't do it justice.

"You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. With it, there is acomplishment. Without it, there are only alibis." - Henry Ford

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Mike G

Posted - 2010 March 07 :  10:25:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit Mike G's Homepage
Here are some of my oldies. First of all, here's the set that started it all for me. It's an Aurora Postage Stamp Train Set that I received for Christmas in 1968 when I was 9 years old. I've been hooked on N scale ever since. This is the original box from that set.

I only have two remaining cars from that original set. A CB&Q gondola and a National Cylinder Gas boxcar. I keep these two cars parked on sidings on the layout just to remind me where it all started.

This is the oldest loco in my collection. It's an Atlas/Roco CB&Q GP30 that I bought in 1978.

Happy 50th anniversary N Scale!!! (or 48th depending on how you look at it)

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  10:28:45 AM  Show Profile  Visit Spookshow's Homepage
I finished my DME SD10 this week (#551, City of Brookings) -

So, now my SD9 has a playmate -

That should about do it for my brief DME obsession (at least for now). Given my miniscule attention span, I've already jumped feet-first into something completely different - namely, Rock Island passenger trains


Dear Atlas - Please Make More DME/ICE Models!

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  11:16:16 AM  Show Profile  Visit Puddington's Homepage
I'm organizing a work party to go liberate all those awesome trailers from Richie... come along quietly Richie or we'll force you to watch the Canadian National Railways latest safety video called "oops; the story of CN"......

Slow eek - bathroom reno's took center stage... but I did manage to fix up one of the new Athearn SOO gons - added a wood floor and "aged her" a wee bit......

SOO white just screams "weather me".....

My contribution to the 50 year club is this little gem from the Postage Stamp collection....

Never had the heart to detail and weather it as it was one of my first cars "back in the day"... so she sits and look "pretty".

It's 1973 in my world so please don't mind the Geeps; Trainmasters and C Liners.....

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  11:29:51 AM  Show Profile
My first loco and freight cars

Atlas E8 and two Atlas box cars (came as kits), early 70's?


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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  11:32:19 AM  Show Profile

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  11:33:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit fifer's Homepage
Here is an extension I did yesterday to my Turntable area. I moved the fascia out about 5" and filled it in and place some new trackage in this area.


"Las Cruces is not the end of the earth , but you can see it from here"
Albuquerque Carnuel & Tijeras RR

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  11:47:12 AM  Show Profile

EDITORIAL NOTE: I do not know how I missed the idea that the theme for this week would be 'The Somewhat Less Than Good Old Days of N Scale', but, since the 1950s pike is now down (but will be rebuilt) and the nineteenth century pike is what I will be operating for a while, let us keep it to steam:

Would you believe that both of these still run?

The MDC 2-8-0 in the close background and the B-mann 4-4-0 in the further background, are, of course, of more recent manufacture. Funny thing about the MDC 2-8-0 is that I bought it at a show for twenty dollars, because the vendor stated that it had a short in it. It turned out that whoever had owned the thing had been careless about both the taking apart and re-assembly of it. He ham-handedly jammed the drawbar onto the contact post on the locomotive causing the metal contact strips in the drawbar to go onto one side of the post, thus creating the short. The contact strips in the drawbar got bent up quite a bit, but I was able to straighten them enough to get them to make proper contact with the post on the locomotive. Sliding the drawbar back onto the post with a bit of care made the strips sit properly and the locomotive now runs well. Does anyone know where to get the retainer pin that the previous owner of this little gem also destroyed?

Oh, and, after hours of run-in, the B-personn eight wheeler does not run badly, either.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  12:26:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit eric220's Homepage
Nothing new for me this week, but I did get some railfanning in.

First up, a GG-2 and a UH-1 take on fuel.

And half a century later, a G32DM pulls a load of containers into River City.


Modeling a transcontinental PRR

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  1:00:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit Spookshow's Homepage
Rubber bands... it still cracks me up


Dear Atlas - Please Make More DME/ICE Models!

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  1:12:43 PM  Show Profile
It should be even funnier that it was done in HO first:

Tony H

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  1:20:32 PM  Show Profile  Visit wm3798's Homepage
Happy Anniversary N scale! Here's a few from the archive:

My old Trix F unit. The first custom job for the Laurel Valley, too... a Bicentennial unit!
There's another Trix F in the background.

Some Bachmann crap masters. The U-boat, I believe, was my first engine, which came in Chessie
colors (of all things!) in a Bachmann train set.

Actually, the Amtrak Metroliner seen in this shot was my first official train set, but
in classic Bachmann fashion, didn't work at all out of the box. If I had been more
warranty savvy at age 11, I would have sent it back until I got one that worked. I
ended up cutting up the car shells in an aborted attempt to make subway cars for some unknown reason.

Here's my matched pair of B&O GP30's, old school Atlas Roco jobs that I had remotored with Kato drives (from JnJ)
and repainted from the original factory Santa Fe livery.

And just to show respect for those 1st generation models, I recently installed a decoder in one of
those GP-30's for Phil Hoffman. It sounds like a coffee grinder, but it now has directional
lighting and cruise control!

Looking forward to the next 50 years!


Mill Street Studios - Custom N Scale Offerings.

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  1:59:53 PM  Show Profile  Visit Zox's Homepage
For my 50th anniversary contribution, a Lone Star F-unit heads northbound into Kankakee...

Rob M., aka Zox
L o r d Z o x @ a o l . c o m
It is said a Shaolin chef can wok through walls...

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Posted - 2010 March 07 :  2:41:10 PM  Show Profile
Wow! A lot of memories here. I used to have the Atlas/Roco GP30 in Q colors and the Atlas depressed center flat. I still have a Bachmann GP40 that I think shared the frame with the U36B.



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