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Posted - 2010 February 26 :  1:18:48 PM  Show Profile
I'm very new to model railroading and have made the decision to go with transition period L&N railroad. A good number of family members worked for the railroad from the early 20th century to currently working at CSX. My question is colors. I've noticed that L&N seems to have run several different color combos thru the years and I'd like to find where I might get a timetable for their color choices and how I may duplicate them on my own cars. Also, for passenger cars, what years were Overland cars used and the same for the conversion to heavyweights. I know there's a lot here but I've been searching the internet and either I'm missing it or I've just been looking in the wrong places. Thanks
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Fred Moehrle

Posted - 2010 February 26 :  2:01:51 PM  Show Profile
The first best thing to do is see if there's a Historical society for the L&N, I'd be surprised if there isn't.
A search looking for;
Louisville & Nashville historical society, or
" " technical & historical society
should be a good start.

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We need Alco's!

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Posted - 2010 February 26 :  2:20:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit asarge's Homepage

That's the URL for the Historical Society. I highly recommend joining. There is also a Yahoo Group for the L&N/NC&StL and also a Kentucky Railfan Yahoo Group. They will definately have info for you.

They can really help w/Passenger and Loco schemes, but you may want to get a little more specific w/freaight car schemes as there were a bunch over the years.

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Posted - 2010 February 26 :  6:15:58 PM  Show Profile
Some railroads were very fastidious and very very precise. Others were not.

I used to know the President of the Montgomery chapter of the L&N historical society, whose grandfather worked for the L&N there in the area. The stories were told that when they were out of gray paint and just really needed some, they went down to a local supplier and bought what they had. --Thus variety of shades of gray.

Now that may not have been true at other locations, but was true in the deep south.

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Posted - 2010 February 26 :  7:38:34 PM  Show Profile
Thanks everyone. Someone else had actually mentioned to me the "going down to the hardware store and getting what they had" method of touching up the cars. I'll contact the historical society. Thanks again.

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Posted - 2010 February 27 :  10:47:58 AM  Show Profile
I think that was because of the color gray.

If it had been a blue or purple or green that might not have happened.

But gray is such a standard industrial color, the painters must not have cared.
"Hey Bubba, we're out of gray. Let's go get some more."

"true" L&N gray has a little bit of yellow in it. If you look at the models Atlas has done, I think they have gotten it correct.

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Posted - 2010 February 27 :  11:38:43 AM  Show Profile
And, as with trying to match any railroad colors, you get in to the issue of how long has the car been in service out in the sun and weather?

Almost all car colors would fade, or change shades in subtle ways, after they had been on the rails for a while.

This is especially noticable with blues, purples, and reds.


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