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 engine terminal planning
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Posted - 2010 January 26 :  10:30:07 AM  Show Profile
So Far I have the following buildings & support
structures.What else should I include.

Walthers- 12 stall Modern Roundhouse
Walthers - 6 stall Union City Roundhouse
Walthers-Modern Coal Tower
Walthers- Sand Towers & Drying House
Walthers- Ash Pit
Walthers- Machine Shop
Walthers- 2 kitbashed Carshops 14" long

Walthers- Steel water Tank
Yard Tower
Interstate Fuel & Oil

What else do recomend? & made by who?
How would you arange the buildings for
the tail end of transistion period.

Wash Rack
Diesel Fueling
Fuel storage other then Interstate
Water towers?
Inspection Walkway outside?


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Rob de rebel

Posted - 2010 January 26 :  11:10:36 AM  Show Profile
What no turntable???

This terminal is going to take alot of space and without dimensional data on the area you have its impossible to help.

What can be done, usually there are 2 or three approach tracks maybe 2 exits. When the engineer brings in the locomotive, the hostler will take over and service the engine. This would emcompass coaling, Water,sanding, dumping ashes. then it will go into the roundhouse for inspection and servicing (which usually means lubrication unless something else is wrong)
Early diesel era, the servicing facilites were usually crammed in where ever they had room to, So the sanding and diesel fuel tower would be alongside or in the same area as the steam facilities..
Quite often the roundhouse was initially used for inspection, but as railroads found out that the servicing requirements differed greatly they started to construct separate diesel sheds and inspection pits and platforms.
Model railroader has a info book on the typical layout.
Also the prototype choice is going to determine what and where, also the era, late steam era alot of maintenance on steam was "deferred" as diesel was slated for replacement steam was maintained only enough to keep them going. (this
is a general statement) a few railroads such as the N&W maintained their steam to high standards compared to other systems.
With so many structures your best bet is to build them and see how much space they are going to take up.

What I can tell you is the turntable and roundhouse selections you made are going to take up quite a bit of space width wise (perhaps as much as three feet) Go to the trainboard n scale website and look up Powersteam guys engine servicing facilities. It will give you an idea of what kind of space your going to need.


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Posted - 2010 January 26 :  11:47:27 AM  Show Profile
Oh yea, Walthers 130' Turntable


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Rossford Yard

Posted - 2010 January 26 :  1:25:39 PM  Show Profile
Kalmbach has a book on the subject, and Walthers at one time had a flyer specifically noting how to layout engine terminals using their structures in their on line catalog.


GM of the Indiana Harbor Belt - The "Expanding Belt Line"

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Posted - 2010 January 26 :  2:01:56 PM  Show Profile  Visit wm3798's Homepage
It doesn't have to take up a lot of space....

This fits on a 16" x 4' deck, and the ready tracks and shop building are off to the left.

The only things that are kits are the turntable (Walthers 130') and the car shop, which is a Pike Stuff.

I've scratchbuilt just about everything else.

Fuel supply

Fuel rack and sander


The whole thing fits in this space.

The 16" x 4' section is at the top with the turntable pit, and the rest, including the yard, is on a 24" x 4'. Another narrower 4' section extends to catch the yard throat.



Mill Street Studios - Custom N Scale Offerings.

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Posted - 2010 January 26 :  2:40:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit cuyama's Homepage
This design is from a current custom project and does not include everything you have described, but it is based on the Walthers components. So perhaps it will give you a rough idea of the size.

The design includes the 130' turntable and a 9-stall roundhouse. A larger diesel service structure might have been a nice addition, but the client had the Machine Shop kit on hand and we decided to use it as a compact diesel shop.


Layout Design Gallery

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Rob de rebel

Posted - 2010 January 26 :  3:58:34 PM  Show Profile

You guys need to look at the list again, he has two roundhouses for a total of I believe 18 stalls, plus the machine shop and the carshops (total length 14 inches long) Powersteamguys layout more approximates the amount of structures.

Figure at least 2 approach tracks and possibly the same for the exits, plus the roundhouses size and the machine shop, where does the carshop go. All the rest could go on the approach tracks where incoming steam would be normally serviced. I'd imagine and figure in a couple of open air tracks around the roundhouses and another track for the coaling station/cinder pickup point.

I'm guessing a absolute minimum of 2 by 8 More likely 2.5 to 3 by 9 to ease the scenic issues.


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