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 Tender Pickups from Kadee #5 Springs
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Posted - 2009 August 03 :  08:41:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit railbaron's Homepage
My article on truck electrical pickups has moved to:

Thank you if you visit

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Posted - 2009 August 03 :  1:00:53 PM  Show Profile
Great article, but I have a question. If the two pieces of metal aren't touching each other, do you need to use the one touching the insolated wheels at all?(are these all pick up wheels?) If I used this for caboose lighting could I set ir up like this: On one truck use the wiper on the pick up wheels and on the other truck use the wiper on the insolated wheels? When on track they would, of course, be on opposite rails. I would then have one wire go to the trucks with the wiper on the insolated wheel and one wire on the other truck with the pick up wheels. The Bowswer caboose lighting set uses both trucks for pick up and isolation. Do I Really need this much power to to run a blinking light?

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steve turner

Posted - 2009 August 03 :  1:16:08 PM  Show Profile
You use both wipers, the insulated nub onone side of wheel set stops short across axel to the other wheel pickup.Its just like loco pickup from rails you need power from both for lets say + and -. Makesure plastic nubs are on same side on both wheelsets so one side is completly insulated.

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Posted - 2009 August 04 :  03:32:28 AM  Show Profile
Hi DaveK,
Its really more a question of continuity of supply rather than the "amount of power". Cabooses aren't typically as heavy as lcos, so pickup from their wheelsets can be more problematic. The more sources of electrical pickup, the more reliable the power supply to whatever you are powering within your caboose.
Additionally, I like the idea of balancing the thrust of the phosphor bronze wipers, by having them push equally in both directions (left and right) on each wheelset.
This should help to centre each wheelset/axle in the truck frame.

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Posted - 2009 August 04 :  4:59:43 PM  Show Profile
Very helpful article. I have 2 bay window cabooses that are candidates for this project. I that I plan on adding interiors and lighting. I want to try the "N-gineering" LEDs as they are incredibly small yet produce a nice light.


Yes, Waiter. I'll take my Pullman Standards and Budds in clean, southeastern Stainless Steel flavors, please!

What? Silver? No..... leave that stuff off!

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Posted - 2009 August 07 :  10:54:13 AM  Show Profile
Thanks for that. Your idea actually inspired me to create some pickups on my OMI Super Turbine -- works great, they have just the right amount of spring.

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