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 CNJ GP40P - how2
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Posted - 2008 February 14 :  3:20:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit liquidfantasy's Homepage

I used the search function without any result, so I have to ask:

Does anyone know how I would be able to kit bash/rebuild a GP40 to a GP40P the CNJ has had?

When I look at the pictures they are quite different from a basic GP40, let's say from where the tank ends to the back there are many basic changes.

Any supplier out there offering resin parts which would enable me to modify an GP40 to such a GP40P?

I have listened that Overland has a brass one out there, but this is no option for me.

Thanks for your help,


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Posted - 2008 February 14 :  4:01:53 PM  Show Profile
There is a group at Yahoo Groups, named 'Commuter Modeler'. One of the members kitbashed a GP40P about 2 years ago.
Only members can get access to the archives, so you have to join. I just joined, and I am waiting to be approved by the owner.
The December, 1986 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman had an article about kitbashing a Southern Pacific GP40P-2. I dont know how much difference there was between the SP and the CNJ units, but they were not the same.
The only steam generator sections I know of are the Athearn SDP40 or the Atlas SDP35. The Athearn hood is wider than other brands.
There are 2 other groups at Yahoo you might be interested in..."CNJ Modeler", and "CRRofNJ". There is also a group about the SP loco..."GP40P2"... but it has not had any traffic in a couple years. Again I dont know if you can use any of the information or not.

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Posted - 2008 February 14 :  10:26:38 PM  Show Profile
A very unique locomotive, and a very difficult one to kitbash. Depending on how accurate you want to to be, there are a number of problems. The wheelbase is different from any other "regular" production unit (37'5" if I remember correctly), sloped radiator grilles like the SD45, three radiator fans while having only one dynamic brake fan, an unusual engine compartment series of doors, vertical, "upright" rear steps like the SDP40/45 shells by Athearn and Atlas, the squared off rear of the long hood (SDP 40/45) where the flaring of the radiator grilles tapers down (in the "as built" configuration). To make matters worse, the units have been rebuilt twice, and each time their outward appearance has been altered.
Only 13 units were built for the CNJ, and, if I remember correctly, 3 units for the Southern Pacific, with the exceptions being the light package, and I think the SP units were built as dash 2 units. A number of units were built for CN "Go Transit", but their outward appearance was different. A fellow forum member had a group on Yahoo outlining the building of the SP units, but I don't know the current status of that project
In summation, I know of no easy way to do this, even the plans published in RMC and Mainline Modeler are incorrect. I am hoping that a company like Railflyer models might one day be able to supply a chasis, and I'll be able to stratch built the long hood. In the meantime, the Overland model seems to be the only option, and yes, it is out of my reach also. Maybe another forum member can make a suggestion, I certainly hope so.
Good luck.

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Posted - 2008 February 14 :  11:28:44 PM  Show Profile  Visit astrosa's Homepage
Originally posted by JD

A number of units were built for CN "Go Transit", but their outward appearance was different.

The GO Transit units (later sold to Amtrak, and still running to this day!) were designated GP40TC and are totally different from the GP40P and GP40P-2. They were built by GMDD and feature very unusual frame and body construction, with numerous Canadian options sprinkled about.

The Atlas GP40 shell would probably be your best bet for starting a kitbash, especially since its separate hood and walkway are easy to work with. The SDP35 end might work, but I'd resist the temptation to use radiator sections from an SD45 or GP40X, as they both have different style grilles and might be more trouble than they're worth. Instead you could use Cannon's GP40 radiator grilles and build the flared are from styrene.

Alex Stroshane
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Posted - 2008 February 14 :  11:30:43 PM  Show Profile  Visit tracktime's Homepage
This isn't directly relevant, but here is a photo album describing in pictures how an SP GP40P-2 was built by my friend Donnell Wells.

I second what Alex S. said. I too would probably start with an Atlas GP40 and go from there with the rear platform from either an SDP35 or SD45T-2, and build those flares up using some Evergreen styrene.

Best Regards,

Edited by - tracktime on 2008 February 14 11:32:15 PM

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Posted - 2008 February 15 :  07:59:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit liquidfantasy's Homepage
Thanks guys,

In general the SP GP40P-2 and the CNJ GP40P are very similar when it comes to the hood modification. Bigger variety is in the detail of course. I think too that the Atlas GP40 might be a good point to start - and then work my self closer to the destination like the guy with the SP one.

He has done great work and showed a way how to go to it - hope he keeps on moving.

@ JD:
I want to model a GP40P how it could have been seen around '75 to '80 - so before it was rebuild. I already recognized that the NJ Transit GP40P's do look quite different. With the wheelbase I would be happy having the one from the GP4o.

Thanks again,

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Posted - 2008 February 15 :  09:44:03 AM  Show Profile
Tracktime. Thanks for providing the photo link that was inspirational! In these RTR times we forget all about that side of the hobby!

Wishing for
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(C430 Sorry I'm kitbashing my own)

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