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 Rapido Couplers verses the rest
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Posted - 2008 February 04 :  11:56:25 PM  Show Profile
I mean really i'm a newbie I will admit but Rapido couplers are so much easier to deal with all the others. I will also say that rapido couplers aren't very realistic looking. MT Magna couplers are nice.
Well what do all of you think here. That's my two Bits

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Posted - 2008 February 05 :  12:29:35 AM  Show Profile
-Rapido couplers are fine reliable couplers, but they look like boxes. They are also difficult to uncouple automatically. That's why serious N scalers began to convert their cars and locomotives to Kaydee/Microtrains couplers years ago, and why major American producers such as Atlas and Walthers have switched to a magnetic type coupler which is similar to the Microtrains coupler. Kato has a different one which is nearly compatable.
-so, much of the older rolling stock is Rapido, and most of the new stuff is Microtrains or similar.
-as an old timer, I have a lot of older pieces. For passenger trains, I have not bothered to convert. I just run the whole set together. For some engines and freight cars I have converted, so they will run with newer products.
-I also have a lot of European type cars and engines still using Rapidos and plan to leave them so.
-So, if I were starting new, and US prototype, I would use all Microtrains or compatable, because that's where the future lies. If I wanted to run some older types mixed in --and there are often very neat cars for your favorite RR to be found only at train meets or flea markets -- I would take an Atlas freight car or some baggage car, and mount Rapido couplers on one end and Microtrains couplers on the other end, so I could mix them in the same train. Atlas supplies trucks with new couplers to swap out with Rapido trucks on older equipment if you do not want to insert microtrains couplers one by one. That requires ome experience and good eyesight.

Have fun.


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Posted - 2008 February 05 :  01:00:13 AM  Show Profile  Visit mmagliaro's Homepage
Perhaps my experience will put this in the light you are in, Flxw1. I started in N
in 1986. I had HO as a kid and a teenager using the big ugly "horn hook" HO couplers.
When I bought my first couple of engines and cars, it wasn't more than a few months
before I changed everything over to MT couplers. It didn't seem hard to me at the time,
and I was a total N newbie. They looked so much better that I never considered
using anything else after that. I'm trying to give you what my perspective was
at the time when I was new to N and these couplers.

I've never regretted changing them over.

-- Max

N Scale steam for the masses

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Lou D

Posted - 2008 February 05 :  01:09:48 AM  Show Profile
Before I'd go back to Rapidos,I'd staple my stuff together.At the very least,use Uni-mates from Caboose hobbies,they're easy to change,cheap,and stay coupled.Unfortunately,they must be slid together,and don't uncouple,either.I just changed over to all MTL's a few years ago,but lots of my stuff had Uni Mates for years..

Edited by - Lou D on 2008 February 05 01:10:10 AM

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Freight Train

Posted - 2008 February 05 :  05:53:04 AM  Show Profile
Hi Flxw1,
It all boils down to what you want out of the hobby. I run across some real old school guys from time to time that do either HO & N scale and they will not change nor ever have the desire to up grade from the couplers they started out with. Hook Horns or Rapidos. If they should buy a new engine or rolling stock with knuckle couplers on them they'll want to change them over to the older style they prefer as soon as possible. You can try to talk them into upgrading to knuckle style couplers but they'll have nothing to do with them. Is it wrong for them not to It's their preference and what their happy with. If your interested in upgrading to knuckle style couplers (MicroTrains, Accumates & the new McHenry couplers) give'm a try and see if you like them. You don't have to convert everything you have right away. You can always make a converter car (Rapido on one side, knuckle coupler on the other) and this will allow you to run trains that have one or the other coupler on them. Say you have an engine with Microtrains and want to pull cars with Rapidos. Use your converter between the engine and cars on the pull. Same with the reverse with a engine with Rapidos and cars with knuckle couplers...put the converter car between them. This way here you can convert your equipment over gradually without the hassle of doing this all at once. But it all boils down to what you really want out of the hobby that makes you happy Flxw1. (An Affair With Trains) (MB Klien)

Edited by - Freight Train on 2008 February 05 05:55:51 AM

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