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Posted - 2007 July 11 :  05:59:32 AM  Show Profile
Has anyone tested the new LL RS2 loco - in DCC mode?

The body (chassis) does really look like an Atlas model. Although, from pictures of the drop-in decoder, it seems to be easier to install the DCC board, than the "old" way of doing it.


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Posted - 2007 July 11 :  10:36:43 PM  Show Profile
-would also appreciate any forum member's reaction to this new model, either operating or shell details etc.



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Posted - 2007 July 11 :  11:08:59 PM  Show Profile
Some nice photos here:

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Posted - 2007 July 26 :  1:12:27 PM  Show Profile
Wanted to see if Trainworld had them. I sent an e-mail, there response was; "when were these announced?" I thought i get could a better price than some other LHS or even web at Trainland/World.

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Posted - 2007 July 26 :  2:47:10 PM  Show Profile
These locos seem to be well-received. I ordered a Lehigh unit; LL's LV livery is very good, with very crisp pad printing in four colors, although the paint is just a bit on the heavy side (but not too heavy to ruin the nice 3-D effect of the fan).

Tooling is on par with Atlas' newer units--Kato's tooling is crisper and cleaner than that of the Chinese models, although LL's handrails are much finer than Kato's. One quibble, the cab side windows have molded-in parts that were left transparent, when they should either have been painted or made part of the body. On the plus side, the molded-in windshield wipers are pad-printed silver.

The Atlas RS-3 shell will fit on the mechanism; the only thing you'd need to do for a perfect fit is remove the metal dimples from the LL chassis, or carve new recesses for them in the Atlas shell. However, the LL shell will not fit the Atlas chassis.

The mechanism looks to be a clone of the now-tried-and-true design Atlas and Kato both use. Very nice blackened low-pro wheelsets. Have not run it yet (no layout).

Mechanism comparisons, top to bottom: Atlas RS3, Kato RS2, LifeLike RS2.

Edited by - dks2855 on 2007 July 26 3:03:27 PM

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Posted - 2007 July 26 :  3:20:00 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by Chris333

Some nice photos here:

Wow, Southern AND GM&O. Too bad I'm not in the market for any.

"Hmm... if you go to the
market, get me some

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Posted - 2007 July 26 :  3:47:28 PM  Show Profile
Wow, imagine someone wanting to put an Atlas body on a LL mechanism. Guess it goes to show that LL deserves more respect than they usually get around here.


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Posted - 2007 July 27 :  10:24:21 AM  Show Profile
Has anyone tested an first-run Atlas RS-3 shell on the new mechanisms? I have repainted two early Atlas RS3 into NP, but the mechanism are starting to cause trouble (jackrabiit starts, erratic performance) and are difficult to DCC...


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Dave Vollmer

Posted - 2007 July 27 :  10:26:41 AM  Show Profile  Visit Dave Vollmer's Homepage
I'd be all over the Atlas shell on the LL mechanism if it's already got DCC. Otherwise it's going to involve an Aztec frame and hardwiring (ugh...).

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Posted - 2007 July 27 :  11:20:23 AM  Show Profile  Visit asarge's Homepage
Running quality is ok but the QC on the mechanism may be down a bit. We've gotten some that run very if a little loud and some that are louder and have a little herky-jerky. Don't know if they need some tuning or what but the majority have run fine. The Digtrax RS2 decoder will fit it and the people who have converted them have not let me know of any problems so far.

All I want is an AS616

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Posted - 2007 July 27 :  1:10:24 PM  Show Profile
I ordered 2 today. If they run as well as LL's Alco FAs, I'll be a happy camper.

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Posted - 2007 July 27 :  9:54:04 PM  Show Profile  Visit wm3798's Homepage
It looks like it takes the same chip that the Kato does...
How does the performance compare to the Kato RS-2, and will the Atlas shell fit that drive?


Mill Street Studios - Custom N Scale Offerings.

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Posted - 2007 July 27 :  10:25:37 PM  Show Profile
Originally posted by wm3798

It looks like it takes the same chip that the Kato does...
How does the performance compare to the Kato RS-2, and will the Atlas shell fit that drive?


Yes, same board as Kato's. Don't know about performance (can't test anything right now), but the Atlas shell will only fit the Kato chassis after some very careful grinding, as the motor relief is offset. Fits the LL chassis with much less grief--only the dimples are different.

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Posted - 2007 July 28 :  03:08:26 AM  Show Profile
Looks like the WallyLike is still using the same design trucks as previous versions (bars across end of truck connecting the brake shoes). If there are any running issues, this is where I'd look first.

I bought 20 of the GP20 blowouts, only about half the trucks would free roll even after washing the globs of grease out, and those poorly, compared to Atlas and Kato low friction trucks. The best ones are powering some Atlas GP7/9s (and a LL GP18), some are under various Atlas ALCOs (with Atlas AAR-B trucks), others are in the general pieces parts pool.

Bob in IDaho

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Rob de rebel

Posted - 2007 July 28 :  9:54:42 PM  Show Profile
Got mine today in N Y Central garb, looks good in black vice the gray the Kato units came in.. Nice fine handrails, haven't tried it yet will let you know.

Rob de rebel

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Michigan Central

Posted - 2007 July 28 :  10:16:34 PM  Show Profile
Interesting - the LL mechanism looks more like the kato than the Atlas

Obviously someone is buying MT fantasy cars, could it be you?

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