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Mike Dickinson

Posted - 2007 April 14 :  10:21:46 AM  Show Profile
First off, Are these lever available? Or will I have to bend my own©
Second, I understand that they are attached to an eyebolt on the corner „or is it on both corners¤
Is this right?
Are there different types for different cars?
Thanks Mike Dickinson
Somewhat Sunny SW NYS

Country: USA | Posts: 67


Posted - 2007 April 14 :  11:11:58 AM  Show Profile

Detail Associates makes a nice coupler lift bar (#6215). They used to include the eyelets, but in the latest packages I bought, they didn't, so you have to buy them too. (#2206)

Drill a hole in the underside of the frame near the edge of the car, insert an eyelet with some ACC. Put the lever thru the eyelet and glue the the other end under the coupler box. A little grimy black paint, and you're done.

Modeling the railroads of the Jersey Highlands in HO and the logging railroads of Pennsylvania in HOn3

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Posted - 2007 April 14 :  2:57:09 PM  Show Profile
If you have a lot of cars to equip, try bending your own out of .020" brass wire and use the Details Associates eyelets. Amazes me what a huge difference this little detail makes. For example I took a GTW Atlas Trainman gon and equipped it with Kadee #58's and cut levers and voila I had a good looking car.

Alco's 4 strokes - suck, squeeze, bang & blow!!

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Mike Dickinson

Posted - 2007 April 15 :  09:19:33 AM  Show Profile
Thanks for the Info© I assume that there are different styles levers out there© Is there anywhere to see some differeent styles?
Mike dickinson

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James Bilbrey

Posted - 2007 April 15 :  1:43:52 PM  Show Profile

You're right; there are couple of different types out there. The Detail Associates (DA) "Freight Car Coupler Lift Bars -- Standard Type" is the typical bottom lift cut levers you see. The DA 6240 "Coupler Lift Bar -- Modern Freight Car" is a top lift cut lever. I've used it on older style freight cars and cabooses.

Also, Plano Model Products has serveral sets made out of etched phosphorus bronze for the modern "trombone" sliding cut lever bars and hangers. These are used on freight cars equiped with cushion underframes.

James Bilbrey

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Posted - 2007 April 15 :  2:18:16 PM  Show Profile
Plano makes a nice newer style.

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Mike Dickinson

Posted - 2007 April 15 :  4:32:01 PM  Show Profile
I am Modeling the Erie Lackawanna in HO scale© This makes my timeline 1960 thru 1976, so I believe the trambone style sare too modern
Thanks Again Mike Dickinson

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Lou DiGrazia

Posted - 2007 April 15 :  5:48:32 PM  Show Profile
Mike, in actuality the trombone style cut levers for cushioned cars would be perfectly appropriate for your era. When cushioned cars came into widespread use by the early 60s, a cut bar that would shift with the coupler's movement became necessary. The Plano "trombones" are very nicely done - but they represent only one of several styles of cut bars used on different cushioned cars. Find some good photos of autoracks, pig flats, auto parts boxes, etc. and study the different kinds of cut levers used. Other than the Plano ones, the only other commercially available style I know of are the ones in the new Details West scale-sized cushioned coupler pocket kits; you can't purchase the lever seperately however. For the other types, you'll have to roll your own out of wire and flat brass bar.

For non-cushioned cars, the aforementioned Details Associates ones are the most common. Many newer cars don't have the curved handle though, so making these kind yourself out of brass wire is very easy. (And cost effective!) Hope this helps.

Lou DiGrazia

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