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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  6:47:17 PM  Show Profile
I swear that either I.S.L.E. Labs (Mountains in Minutes) or another company making similar foams kits for model railroading used to have a website.

Does anyone know if ISLE or someone else making two-part rock casting foam products has a website?

I'm trying to keep this latest little effort as light as possible. Malcolm Furlow got great results using foam on his HOn3 layout years ago. Probably will use pink foam for basic forms, combined with foam rocks if possible.

Has anyone ever used this type of stuff for scenery?


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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  7:48:55 PM  Show Profile
I used foam on my first layout but switched to cardboard web and plaster cloth on the next layout. I personally did not like working with the foam. If you are looking for light weight, then foam is the only way to go. Prepare for a lot of mess!

I insist that Victor gets his Atlantic now!

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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  8:27:32 PM  Show Profile
Am I the only one using "Great Stuff" foam in a can? One disadvantage is that it swells and then shrinks over several days. I covered it with some paper towels dunked in watered-down drywall joint compound, then painted it after it dried. While the paint was wet, I sprinkled turf.

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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  9:14:27 PM  Show Profile
I save up old sheets of white foam that comes in some of the things you buy to build mountains. Glue them up layer at a time and then cut/sculpt with a hot wire cutter - no mess at all.

Then give the whole then a thin layer of Sculptamold and then wash with earth colors.

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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  10:06:25 PM  Show Profile

Good idea too, we have lots of white styrofoam at my shop! Do you find latex liquid nails work well? Can Sculptamold (I have a bag) be used with latex rock molds, or is that a good way to ruin a perfectly good mold?

dbhanna & oldbill,

Did you guys use latex rock molds with the foam types? What did you use as a release -- Armor All? I assume the 2 part foam expands quite a bit in the mold too?

I'm also considering making Frocks.....


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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  10:36:01 PM  Show Profile

I just use latex caulk to glue the layers together with no problems. I've heard Elmer's would work too.

I've never used Sculptamold for rock molding even though right on the bad it said you can - you just make it more soupy. However, I have used lightweight Hyrdrocal with great success using the WS rock molds. Are you talking about the WS rock molds or your own?

The Sculptamold I use as a thin layer over the entire setup to hide the seams between the foam layers and to give the mountain a rock look. The end result is an extremely lightweight setup.

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Posted - 2007 March 03 :  10:42:01 PM  Show Profile

Homemade latex rock molds (several layers of latex, a layer of gauze + more latex). I'll have to risk a rock mold to some Sculptamold. Wonder what I should use as a release agent?

Anyone else with 2 part foam experience / supplier website?


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Posted - 2007 March 04 :  12:11:47 AM  Show Profile

I don't see how Sculptamold will harm your latex mold. From my experience, it's similar to lightweight Hydrocal except it has a rougher finish when dried. It's mostly ground paper/fabric product with a binder.

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Posted - 2007 March 04 :  01:42:38 AM  Show Profile

I'm still looking, but may try some of this stuff -- I like the picture where they show the different expansion properties of the foam densities!

Has anyone else tried this 2 part foam or know of any other place to get it?


I'll have to crack that Sculptamold soon, wonder if I should use a bit of soapy water misted on as a release agent? I'll have to try it on "Frocks" instead of thinned plaster / drywall compound.....


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iain wilkinson

Posted - 2007 March 04 :  06:48:14 AM  Show Profile
I too use the cardboard webbing.i find it easy to work with.

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Roger Perkins

Posted - 2007 March 04 :  07:16:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit Roger Perkins's Homepage
I only recall seeing the Mountains in Minutes product demonstrated once; it was a very cold February in the early 1970's. An N-scale dealer from Chicago, IL came to Urbana, IL to our club train show. He had prepared a demo layout with the product; the whole thing collapsed because of exposure to the cold.
As far as I recall none of us elected to use the product.
By the time I was in a position to build a home layout, I started experimenting with styrofoam which was more stable and had more uniform porosity.

Sorry I do not know if the company is still offering the product.

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Posted - 2007 March 04 :  12:16:28 PM  Show Profile  Visit soupac's Homepage
Sculptamold just do it!

I'm in process of building a rock wall of igneous rock whose dimensions are about 15 ft long x 2 ft tall. I've used hydrocal in both latex rock molds and in tinfoil molds. I had sculptamold on hand, for the most part, to fill between hydrocal castings. Mixed in accordance with the standard procedure in this hobby, my set up times for the hydrocal was running in the area of 1 3/4 HRS in my early efforts! Through a long series of changes in the mix ratio's, I've been able to get it down to about 30 min. Along the way I tried other options, one of which was using sculptamold in both types of molds also. It's easy to mix it thick enough, looking almost like cottage cheese in texture, it never runs out the bottom of a mold! My efforts have produced a casting that is quite slick and shiny in appearance and is not very receptive to washes. You'll have to paint it first, for sure. But it doesn't reach out and grab moisture like hydrocal does. It does make a decent casting but is not the best at getting the fine details. I've even mixed up a glob of it and just smeared it right on the cliff face and then taken a piece of wadded up foil that has been straightened out and pressed it into the sculptamold with pretty good results. I think I'll be trying pre-mixed patching plaster next.

Staying away from dry-wall mud thought, it shrinks and cracks way to much in the drying process.

I've always used wet water for a release agent, but I keep hearing (reading in forums) that armor-all works really good too. If the residue that is left on my dashboard is left on the castings, it might be a great release agent that leaves an unuseable casting!


You're welcome to visit my layout in progress by clicking the link below...

Edited by - soupac on 2007 March 04 12:17:59 PM

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Roger Perkins

Posted - 2007 March 04 :  1:21:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit Roger Perkins's Homepage
I have tried Sculptamold for certain features over a styrofoam base and like it. I tinted the Scuptamold using some of the W/S colorant.
I used the follow procedure to mix the Sculptamold:
I measured the dry material into a 1 gallon or larger ziplock-type bag and then added water or colorant liquid. I closed the bag and kneaded the material until it was thoroughly mixed. I used disposal gloves to handle the material and applied it to cover rought joints in laminated sheets of styrofoam.
Another reason, I was never tempted to use Mountains in minutes, because this worked great and looked great for a fairly non-artistic modeler.

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Posted - 2007 March 04 :  4:35:37 PM  Show Profile
Okay, I AM going to make a promise here: (if I don't follow through with it, people are welcome to call me on it!) I am going to do a photo essay on the rock mold characteristics of Hydrocal vs. Sculptamold vs. 2 Part foam vs. Frocks in the reasonably near future (i.e. I have to buy some 2 Part foam first!).

This will allow me to resharpen my scenery skills and hopefully provide something of use to the forum!



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