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Posted - 2006 October 26 :  9:29:06 PM  Show Profile
I am in the process of rebuilding American Lightweight Car Company. American Lightweight supplied kits for the Pullman Heritage Series passenger cars. I am currently requesting current prices from the different part suppliers and trying to improve the line. I plan to add a website with kit photos, building instructions and completed models. I am behind on my plans as due to a back/sciatic nerve problem that the doctors haven't solved yet I am limited on the time I can spend doing what is needed. AGHHHHH the pain.

A toll free number will be coming also.

If you have any questions, suggestions or request please contact me at:
American Lightweight
201 Grist Mill Road
Lynchburg, VA 24501-7732
to scale with two rails

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Seaboard Air Line Fan

Posted - 2006 October 27 :  06:07:46 AM  Show Profile
Good luck on your endeavor!!! I've been trying to find pictures of the ALCC cars ever since I heard about them, but could never find any. When you get your website running please put some pix of the cars up for us to see. P&D Hobbies has been the only online place I found that even mentioned them (along with the All Nation brand).

Question...are these strictly 2-rail or can you get them with 3-rail trucks (or put 3-rail trucks on them)?

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Posted - 2006 October 27 :  07:05:27 AM  Show Profile
P&D Hobbies has already said he will stock the kits and put them back on his website as soon as I can get things rolling. The kits will have the option of 2 or 3 rail axles as they use the same sideframes for the trucks.

to scale with two rails

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Posted - 2006 October 27 :  11:47:36 AM  Show Profile
Thank you, and I wish you nothing but the best of luck. These cars were almost secret, because there was almost no advertising, and if there was a web site, it was well hidden. Unless you lived near an O-scale hobby shop, these cars might as well have not existed.

You can count on some business from me.

Santa Fe -- all the way

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Mojave Mike

Posted - 2006 October 27 :  12:23:35 PM  Show Profile
Ditto.....I'll need something for those impending F-units to handle.

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Posted - 2006 October 27 :  2:12:22 PM  Show Profile
Congradualtions on getting ALWCC up and running again. Decent kits. I havbe built a couple. and the pile at P&D could use replenishing. I hope you do some streight coaches and parlor cars. Not every train used sleepers.

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Posted - 2006 October 27 :  11:24:15 PM  Show Profile
With the publication of the "red book" series on pullman cars my goal is let people order plan numbers from a particular road and try and match the roof details, etc as best possible. I have a lot of work to do but to see a string of these cars painted with interiors and lights is a thing of beauty and that is why I bought the company and want to expand it.
The article in Model Railroader, I think January 2004 or 2005, using the plastic half rod as fluting is most interesting and I may offer that type of plastic as an alternative fluting.
Let's have some fun!!!

to scale with two rails

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Posted - 2006 October 28 :  09:52:47 AM  Show Profile
Great news! I look forward to seeing them hit the market and becoming a customer. As #90 stated, the last time they were available it was a big secret, with little or no advertising.

So maybe there still is hope for the ALW observation kit that I have...with no instructions.

Wishing you the best of luck.


Paul Imhoff

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Posted - 2006 October 28 :  1:07:10 PM  Show Profile
didn't this co also mkae the railgon gondola kits as well as the PRR airslide Hopper?

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Posted - 2006 October 28 :  5:03:57 PM  Show Profile

Originally it was American Standard Car Co. He made Pulman Heavyweight and Light Weight pass cars, and the Rail Gon and GAC Airslide Covered Hopper.. I do NOT know the order of development of kits.

Then the business was sold in it's entirety [ I think this is the way it goes, in the early- mid-late 1980's] and then resold couple years after to TWO people who bought Heavy Weight and remaining parts of freight cars, and LightWeight Pass. Heavyweight is now Pullman Standard Car Co, in Knoxville TN, and he isn't doing anything w/it, and now the new owner of Am Light Weight Car---

NOW SIR,, you are in charge of the history of it-------Thanks for asking!! LOL


Ed Reutling

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Posted - 2006 October 28 :  6:25:58 PM  Show Profile
Ralph Brown started American Standard Car Company and did the heavyweight passenger cars, lightweight passenger cars, airslide covered hopper and the railgon kit all in O scale. He also saw a LARGE SCALE C&0 Commander in Chief heavyweight which was fantastic. The airslide and railgon kits were all sold and discontinued. Ralph sold the lightweight cars to Pete Plunkett who named it American Lightweight Car Company and David Duncan later bought the heavyweights and calls his company Pullman Standard Car Co. Des Plaines Hobbies bought the heavyweight truck patterns and distributes them. I inturn purchased the lightweights from Pete's widow, Linda. I had worked with Pete on the kits since he bought the lightweight business in the late 80's. David Duncan I haven't heard anything from in several years. The last I heard Ralph Brown was retired and living in Colorado.

to scale with two rails

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Posted - 2006 October 30 :  3:17:57 PM  Show Profile  Visit AGHRMatt's Homepage
I wish you the best of luck. Although I operate on 3-rails, I'm finding myself less and less accepting of "shorty" 18-inch streamline cars. Full-scale plastic streamliner kits will definitely be a welcomed addition.

Matt Jackson
Angels Gate Hi-Railers
San Pedro, California

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Posted - 2006 October 31 :  7:55:28 PM  Show Profile
American Lightweight Cars will be available with 3rail axles. Many people with 3rail are going scale as far as the equipment is concerned. At one time we called it Scale Plate or Tin Scale.

to scale with two rails

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Posted - 2006 October 31 :  8:09:41 PM  Show Profile
Any time frame on when these will be available?


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Posted - 2006 November 01 :  2:58:01 PM  Show Profile
I am shooting for Jan 1, 2007. Depends on how quickly the suppliers can give me current cost. One supplier has been the biggest hold up as far as deliver so investigating new suppliers or bring it in-house and doing certain castings myself.

to scale with two rails

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Seaboard Air Line Fan

Posted - 2007 May 08 :  10:13:42 PM  Show Profile
What's the latest on this???

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