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Posted - 2006 October 10 :  9:25:18 PM  Show Profile
Anyone know the key facts concerning CB&Q SM-16 & SM-18 stock cars? Build dates, serial numbers, service dates, key spotting features, etc.?

Thanks in advance?

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Posted - 2006 October 10 :  11:52:17 PM  Show Profile

I don't have the answer to your question but these two sites should be of help to you:


and . . .


The first site is for the Burlington Route Historical Society. In their Company Store section at that site they have a book called Burlington Bulletin #25 on stock cars. Their description is:

"Bulletin #25 contains 136 pages of history, photos, drawings, roster of all Burlington stock cars and associated facilities, including drovers cars and passenger service horse cars."

The second link is to the Historical Society's email discussion group at Yahoo!

Hope this helps . . .

"Paul [Kossart] - The CB&Q Guy"
Proto-Based FreeLancing the CB&Q 'Illiniwek River-Subdivision-Branch Line' in the 1960's.

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Posted - 2006 October 11 :  09:38:36 AM  Show Profile  Visit leighant's Homepage
Some published magazine photos and references to CB&Q stock cars from my ref file, catalogued by car NUMBER, not CBQ car class:

Stock 50018 double-deck
leased by Mather to CB&Q in late 50s,early 60s
pix _MRRing (Model Railroading magazine, NOT Model RailroadER) Nov87 p.13
end pix _RailModelJournal_ May97 p.15

Stock 50019 double deck ca.1960 pix _RailModelJournal_ May97 p.14

Stock 50048 double deck, leased from Mather. 1960 pix
_RailModelJournal_ May97 p.12

Stock 50109 double deck early 60s pix, leased from Mather
_RailModelJournal_ May97 p.13

Stock 50113 double-deck stock, blt 1937
leased by Mather to CB&Q in late 50s,early 60s
1960s color pix _MRRing_ Nov87 p.24

Stock 55950-59499 36' blt 1928 single-deck
pix #55996 _MRRing_ Spr82 p.74
1953 pix #58652 _MRRing_ Nov87 p.17

Santa Vaca & Santa Fe Rwy. Holy Cow!

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Charlie Vlk

Posted - 2006 October 11 :  10:58:53 AM  Show Profile
Mainline Modeler for June 1981 had a drawing that covered the signature Q stockcar classes SM-16, SM-18 and SM-18a. These are 36' wood bodied steel braced low cars built on recycled dump car underframes.
I've had Mark4 Designs run a test shot of a body for this car; it has to be reworked to serve as a master for resin castings. The overall size of the car is smaller than the MDC "Old-Timer" cars yet these cars lasted in MOW service carrying ties into the BN era.
Another class of cars is the SM-19 which were based on the AAR Boxcar design. They had steel roofs and framing; some had pressed steel ends while others had wood ends with steel bracing. In general they look like the Atlas 40' car (the ex-kit UP prototype) or the Con-Cor stockcar.
The Mather cars (which the Q leased both in the 40' version and the "kitbashed" 50' cars) would be a really great car to have in N.... since LifeLike doesn't seem to be interested in bringing their HO cars (stock, box and reefer) down to N it would be a good opportunity for somebody to do so...there are so few freight cars that span multiple railroads and the Mather cars provide several car types on the same basic body.
Charlie Vlk
Railroad Model Resources

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Posted - 2006 October 14 :  5:05:03 PM  Show Profile
In summary, 50xxx are double deck Mather lease cars, and 56xxx to 59xxx are 36 feet single deck? I also found reference to 52xxx cars on the CBQ Yahoo chat group, but not sure what exactly they were as no pix. There are pix in Spoor (CB&Q in Color) Vol.2, and I assume these are 40 foot cars, which is what I'm after, I think, that are numbered 55xxx, or 56xxx. Mainline modeler also had a series of articles in late-91 & early-92 about scratch-building a CBQ cattle car in HO-scale, but that's a little too advanced for me.

Instead, I have been experimenting with modifying "stock" () cattle cars. As shown in the upper half of the photo below, I can get rid of the cast-on number boards from some of the existing models, but the result looks like the car's been in a wreck. So I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions from some of you wizards out there about where to go with this?



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Charlie Vlk

Posted - 2006 October 17 :  3:21:11 PM  Show Profile
I'd start with the Con-Cor 40' car and kitbash it with other cars to get the proper ends. The Con-Cor car has the even slat spacing, correct steel truss configuration and even a correct door. It only requires removal of the two letterboards on each side. In fact, I would cut apart the car and try to get just one good side (with the cast-in nameboards use as a master for making duplicate sides. I'd use the dup sides to make up masters for the 40' SM-19 (wood end) 52000-52149 and SM19a (radial metal roof) and 52200-522699 (rectangular panel metal roof)and SM19b (metal end) 52700-53199. The SM19Cc 50500-50599 cars were totally different than the SM19a and SM19b being 50'-11" long. The Atlas 50' car is not too far from this class and the Lima / Model Power 45' car is close in appearance but undersized. Michael Spoor's
"CB&Q Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment" has pictures of the SM19a,b&c cars but not any of the other Q Stock Cars.
Charlie Vlk

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Posted - 2006 October 17 :  3:59:00 PM  Show Profile  Visit Skibbe's Homepage
Here's what I did to the Atlas 50' car if it helps at all:

It's still missing a slat, but otherwise ain't too bad considering.

Mike Skibbe

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Posted - 2006 October 17 :  11:48:44 PM  Show Profile
Thanks, guys. Making some progress on my understanding here. The following shows a little more progress on my experiment (middle carbody) with addition of panels that will take the CB&Q carnumber (at left)and the Burlington Route logo (at upper right).

As it happens, I picked up a ConCor cattle car in Swift Co. livery at the Ft. Worth trainshow this weekend, (top carbody) and it is shown in comparison to the base carbody at the bottom.

I'm kind of intrigued by Charlie Vlk's suggestions concerning cutting off, modifying and the casting multiple replicas. Any reference to how to go about doing something similar in N-scale?


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Charlie Vlk

Posted - 2006 October 18 :  11:49:54 AM  Show Profile
I don't recall any articles relating specifically to N Scale, but there have been many articles on making resin castings using RTV and two part casting resin.
Hobby Shops carry or can order Alumalite brand materials which come with instructions (or go to their website).
The idea is that you make one good side, one good end, roof, etc. and make duplicate parts in resin. You can use these duplicates as sub masters to further modify (adding the brake detail on one end, for example) and then use the sub master parts to assemble into full body shells for production molds.
(in the case of the SM19, you'd need three different body shells to do the a and b variations. The SM19c would be a totally different project.
Your post caused me to look into what it would take to do a dead nuts accurate car.... the Con-Cor sides are a good starting point but would require modification after cutting off the body to get the Z braces correct at the top of the carside. The Con-Cor roof has an overlapping seam edge so you would need to find another car to get the correct rectangular panel roof. The radial roof would have to be scratchbuilt because I can't think of any plastic cars that have this feature. The ends might come off of a Deluxe 40' boxcar (I haven't checked it out but since it is modeled after a Q XM32 the SM19b might have the same ends).
It all depends how far you want to take the project. One could do a totally accurate model or a good'nuff standin with corrected letterboard locations and Q lettering. (BTW, the SM19a and SM19b were painted both mineral red with RR Roman lettering and in the Chinese Red scheme).
Have fun and post your results!!
Charlie Vlk

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Posted - 2006 October 18 :  12:00:20 PM  Show Profile

Boxcars went to "W" Corner ends after 1940,
stock cars never did !!
the GN 1950 cars even had the "FLANGED ENDS"
that were popular on USRA rebuilds,but RARE
on AAR 1937 10' and 1941 10'6" cars !!
also U.P. seemed to have Custom IPD ends on
the Stock cars with thinner 4 over 5 rib
like with PFE Reefers staying with the 5/4
Original dreadnaughts on Mechanical A Ends !!
guess they liked to be different !!
Q Braces run upside dowm from U.P. and GN
cars on the AAR 1950 cars !!
the old "Howe" vs "Pratt" Problem !!
Good Luck !!
Dr.B.O.von Winkle

Erie,America's 1st Trunk Line !!
Piermont N.Y. to Dunkirk N.Y.,1848 !!!
Waiting For Skip's Train To Pull Into Hillside Station !!

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