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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  1:33:55 PM  Show Profile
On March 31, 1980, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad operated its last train.

What happened to the Rock's equipment after this point? I tried researching it and couldn't come up with a difinitive answer. I was hoping to find out if any of their autoracks or boxcars still roam the rails.

I was hoping to find out who got the equipment and what it was re-painted into.

Modeling the BNSF, MRL, KCS, TFM, UP and more....

Supporting model purchase at a time.

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  2:09:18 PM  Show Profile
Alot of stuff went to/was bought by CNW. Sorry I cant be more specific, I miss the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific!!

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  2:13:28 PM  Show Profile

in addition to C&NW,U.P. and SP got
back cars and locos they held the trusts
other items went back to lessers like GATC,
and some ended up on the 2nd hand market.
some may still be in service today.


Erie,America's 1st Trunk Line !!
Piermont N.Y. to Dunkirk N.Y.,1848 !!!
Waiting For Skip's Train To Pull Into Hillside Station !!

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  2:19:54 PM  Show Profile
All Rock equipment was routed to RI yards and trackage for final disposition. There are several disturbing photos in circulation of yards choked with nothing by RI engines, cabooses and cars, all rusting slowly. The equipment that was still in trust was picked up for a song by opther roads who either held the trusts, or who were willing to take over payments. Some other equipment went along with the terms of sale for chunks of the ROW. The rest generally went straight to the east side of Chicago and the scrappers. There's a few shots buried in the Rock Island section of the "Fallen Flags" website.

As for repainting, modern railroads don't do that; haven't you heard? In my travels around Chicago I see Rock Island cars basically every day, with only the reporting marks painted over. Heck, last week I saw an ex-GM&O covered hopper that had been relettered to the CC&P! The original paint was applied in 1970, and the CC has been dead for at least 13 years now!

Ray Breyer

Modeling the NKP in Peoria, 1950.
"Steam: the only choice!"

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Jim Grant

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  2:26:54 PM  Show Profile
I've seen blue RI hoppers and boxcars in the UP yard at Clinton, Iowa, and roaming thru Davenport on the IMRL (now ICE).

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route rock

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  4:21:03 PM  Show Profile
Incorrect the UP re-painted most of there repo equipment. including Rock Island phase II U28B's. C&NW was starting to repaint their car slowly. And most of the Rock Island owned engines were sold to crome crankshaft and either re-sold (switchers and GP7/9/18/GP40U) or scrapped at Silva ILL. hi-visible cars as the auto racks were repainted by there new owners fast.

Bradford Greene "At the Rock Island, we are helping to feed the world, one car at a time"
(modeling the Rock Island in central Iowa & southern MN. in 1977).

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Jim Grant

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  4:24:57 PM  Show Profile
Well, Route, UP didn't paint over those blue ROCK cars I saw in the Clinton yard !

Couldn't get close enough to see if they were marked for UP or someone else's just "passing thru", however.

I was in a car driving by (NOT the driver, or I would have stopped!) and (of course) without a cameria.

But it was sure great to see them !!!

Although my friends wondered about this sudden transformation in their colleague to a babbling nutcase excited about some old boxcars !!!!

Edited by - Jim Grant on 2005 July 29 4:38:37 PM

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  4:43:30 PM  Show Profile
Most if not all the Rock island Autoracks went to Grand Trunk, who quickly repainted them , sadly :(


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route rock

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  5:22:53 PM  Show Profile
my guess would be those cars were lettered for the Chicago & Northwestern. I think that the only roads that bought the Rock Island's newer (1976 and later) Pullman Standard and others boxcars were C&NW, GTW and B&M.

Hey!! Raul long time no see....

Bradford Greene "At the Rock Island, we are helping to feed the world, one car at a time"
(modeling the Rock Island in central Iowa & southern MN. in 1977).

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john timm

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  5:36:19 PM  Show Profile
There was a large order of Evans 52' gondola cars that were built but never delivered to the Rock Island because of the bankruptcy. They went instead to the Wisconsin and Southern and Upper Merion and Plymouth which were sister roads at the time.

The Trainman 52' gondola would be the correct match to the prototype--austere black with reporting marks, no logo.

John Timm

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  5:44:06 PM  Show Profile  Visit wjstix's Homepage
I can remember seeing a couple of blue Rock diesels pulling a train across the lift bridge in St.Paul MN in I guess 1984-85, presumably a CNW train. I think some of their locos went to shortlines but by the end I think a lot of their equipment was pretty rundown so I suspect a lot of it did end being unused and eventually scrapped.


BNSF / CP to you...CB&Q / Milwaukee Road to me !!

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  7:21:12 PM  Show Profile
I was in Eldon, MO watching a Rock Island train creeping along on the 10mph track through town - and I don't think it ever made it up to track speed.

That was in 1975. By now that train ought to be almost to St. Louis!!!

How can you not love a railroad like that???

Jeff C

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Chuck Walsh

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  8:12:33 PM  Show Profile
Prior to 1980 ex dining car employes attempted to operate a track side
diner,a Rock dining car, "Track One" in the Rock's Chgo LaSalle St. Station.

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  10:41:22 PM  Show Profile
I regularly see Rock Island ACF and PS-2 Covered Hoppers with/without patches in Western Kentucky on the CSX and Iowa on the CNIC.



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Jim Kenyon

Posted - 2005 July 29 :  10:58:30 PM  Show Profile
CNW got anumber of ex ROCK Pullman Standard covered hoppers; 40, 50, and 60' box cars; 200 gondolas, and some flatcars. SSW and GTW and RUSX got ACF covered hoppers. I don't remember who got the 40' airslides, but I saw some many years ago with leasing company reporting marks. Since UP financed the GP 40's, U 28B's, and the Alco C415's, they got them, but very few ever ran for the UP although a number of them were painted in UP colors. I still see CNW ex Rock Island covered hoppers in UP and BNSF trains.
Jim Kenyon Modeling CNW/BN in the mid 90's.

Jim K.

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Posted - 2005 July 29 :  11:05:06 PM  Show Profile
Didnt MoPac get some of the gp38-2's? eventually going to up?

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