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 smoke generators for diesel engines?
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Posted - 2005 June 17 :  1:35:26 PM  Show Profile  Visit csxcnj's Homepage
Home from work sick today and just watched all 3 CBP DVD's for the Jersey Central and two others on the LV and RDG. In all of them there are LOADS of smoking diesel's.

Was wondering why no manufacturer has ever offered a model with this feature. It certainly would be prototypical and, I think, would add a nice touch of realism to a layout.

A silly idea or what?
Bob Smith
"runnin' 'round the rug"
Delaware Valley & Piedmont RR.

see proto rail photos at:

cameras:All Nikon: D300, D70S-IR, F100
Lenses:18-200VR, 70-200VR, 80-400VR

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Posted - 2005 June 17 :  2:15:33 PM  Show Profile
Wouldn't the smoke eventually leave a oiley residue on everything? Especially on the roof of the locomotive? And I don't think you would get more than a wisp of smoke coming out anyway that would be very difficult to see. You would not get a opaque cloud of smoke that some under maintained diesels put out, or, black as ALCO's and GE's are noted for.

Ed H.

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Posted - 2005 June 17 :  2:15:36 PM  Show Profile  Visit Railphotog's Homepage
You should be cooped up in a train show for a whole long day opposite some guys running O scale MTH engines with smoke - steam and diesel. These engines not only emit smoke, they have fans to blow it out in great quantities. When your eyes start watering, and if you have allegies and you get choked up and have difficulty breathing, then you can really begin to enjoy this feature.

Of course the guys with these smokers always say the smoke is not harmful, but tell that to someone who is suffering. They treat their desire to pollute the indoor air we are all breathing as their devine right, and take great offense if anyone even suggests they turn down or turn off the smoke for a while. "People come to see the smoking engines".

Then you can see what a silly idea yours is!

Bob Boudreau
My Model railroad photography website:
Model RR website:

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Posted - 2005 June 17 :  2:23:34 PM  Show Profile
While I am not at the point of suggesting confinment, or committment, I will tell you that the last thing I want to deal with during an operating session is smoke on the HO layout.
The sound can be distracting enough.

As far as my Garden railroad, many of the diesels come with smoke unit, those from AristoCraft, and they are removed at the same time I add the radio control and batteries for power.

I have smelled enough stinky cigars in my lifetime, smoking diesels doesn't hold any allure.


Bob Miller
Modeling the Santa Fe
in Oklahoma 1989

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Posted - 2005 June 19 :  10:39:55 AM  Show Profile  Visit csxcnj's Homepage
having never seen a smoke equipped engine run I had no idea it was such a smelly obnoxious mess. Bad idea I guess.....except for Alco's maybe

Bob Smith
"runnin' 'round the rug"
Delaware Valley & Piedmont RR.

see proto rail photos at:

cameras:All Nikon: D300, D70S-IR, F100
Lenses:18-200VR, 70-200VR, 80-400VR

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Posted - 2005 June 19 :  1:25:45 PM  Show Profile
The only time i would want a smoking diesel would be if my Alco PAs
could belch a plume of thick black smoke for a couple of seconds when i laid into the throttle. They are, of course dubbed
"Honorary Steam Engines"!!

Edited by - river_eagle on 2005 June 19 1:29:14 PM

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Posted - 2005 June 19 :  2:36:58 PM  Show Profile
I don't think that's a silly idea, one has to look further than traditional smoke units (Seuthe). They are based on vaporising oil, which of course leaves a thin film of oil on everything where you've run your engines. And the smoke is not really smoke, but white oil vapor and not very convincing as diesel exhaust. (+smells too bad..)

What other methods might there be of creating black smoke?

As for people who doesn't tolerate smoke, I'd suggest higher respect from train show participants, to turn the smoke off for the moment if there's a lot of visitors that complain. Better signs might also help to inform that some areas has smoke units running on the exhibit layout. Good ventilation of the area is a must..


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Posted - 2005 June 19 :  8:42:24 PM  Show Profile
The idea of smoke generators I always thought was a good one, the trouble is I think the reality is they make the model very toy like (I know they are toys, but you know what I mean). If the smoke was realistic i.e. black and didn't just drift out of the stack, then they would be great to see. Alas I don't think this will ever happen.

It's all scenery.

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