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Posted - 2005 May 24 :  03:10:57 AM  Show Profile
My name is Tom and I am handicapped from the Vietnam War. Since I have been a WWII buff. My interest is "The Battle of the Bulge", I decided to do dioramas of that time. I am doing plastic models and decided, along with my wife to do a train layout of the German buildup, I am having trouble finding engines and cars that would represent WWII. I found some camouflaged engines but I still need lots more.

Can anyone lead me to some sites were I might find WWII trains.

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Posted - 2005 May 24 :  06:51:41 AM  Show Profile  Visit JohnNetzlof's Homepage
Walthers, our major supplying company to the hobby, has a Whole section in each catalog dedicated to Military models.

Short of scanning in all 50 so pages, I have a listing from their website:

Hope that helps

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Martin Goller

Posted - 2005 May 24 :  09:39:43 AM  Show Profile
Any European manufacturer that produces models in what is refered to as "Epoche II" has the proper models for you. Very specific, you're looking for Epoche IIc, which represents the time between 1939 and 1945. Key difference is the introduction of the war locomotives (52, 42, and the simplified versions 50UK, 44UK, 86UK) and the change from the lettering on cars from DRG with the old herald to DR and the eagle/swastika.

Here is the old style for passenger cars:

Here is the EpIIc Style

But this doesn't mean all equipment was repainted overnight, so pre 1939 equipment is just fine, and easier to come by.

Special models (camouflaged and/or military loads) have been manufactured extensively by Liliput/Bachman, so looking at the importers should get you something.

Fleischmann has released two limited edition EpIIc passenger trains in the last two years, this year has a 86UK with "thunderbox"
passenger cars.
Noone said this is cheap...

Walthers did have a special sale during march on Fleischmann EpII sets (civilian, but advertized as military), I am not sure if those are still out there.

Roco makes numerous pieces of equipment through their Minitanks line, tons of them are usually available on Ebay.
They also did make a few of the German signature planes, such as the JU52, those are somewhat rare.
Epoch specific decals are also available if you search a little.

Be aware of a lot of the "custom-repaints". A lot of the stuff is truly bogus, but fetches high prices.

There are a few very good books on the subject out there, unfortunately the German equipment is usually presented only in German-language books.

This can be a touchy subject, lots of emotions either direction are attached to it...

If you need any pointers regarding typical equipment for freight in that time period, let me know.
Here is a good website covering the time period 1920-45 that should give you an idea of what "typical" equipment looks like. Things to back to equipment built in the early 1900s...
Oops, just realized that only the index is in English, the rest is in German... let me know if you need help.


Edited by - Martin Goller on 2005 May 24 09:43:09 AM

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Posted - 2005 May 24 :  11:59:33 AM  Show Profile
I have models of DRG trains of this era: generally, Lilliput offers the best value. Roco vehicles are also good value.

Lima did a fair model of the K5 railgun, and the V188 two unit diesel gun tractor (not really appropriate to the K5).

The DRG was very adept at using captured railway equipment, and the Wehrmacht used captured military equipment.

Passenger trains were little different in war or peace, as were conventional goods trains. The real modelling interest is the occasional military train, often using dedicated military locomotives and rollingstock.

And, yes, fifty years on, some folk will regard you as a neo-Nazi for daring to model trains of this era...

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Posted - 2005 May 24 :  2:46:30 PM  Show Profile  Visit wjstix's Homepage
Praline, Busch and other European model car manufacturers make good HO models from that era, I've used some of them on my 1949 US layout. (Praline's 1938 Horch looks a lot like a Packard to me.) I'd check them out in the Walthers catalog, and you can usually find them if you're patient on ebay for a decent price.

Like Martin said, the Walthers catalog will show a lot of German/Austrian RR equipment, "Era II" would be the Nazi-era stuff. (Also look for DRB vs. DBB - the German state RR is the Deutsch Bundesbahn but during Hitler's time was called the Deutsch Reichsbahn.)

Fascinating idea for a layout / diorama. My dad was an infantryman in WW2, came in just after the Bulge, but my uncle was a medic/ambulance driver and earned the bronze star during the battle.


BNSF / CP to you...CB&Q / Milwaukee Road to me !!

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Martin Goller

Posted - 2005 May 24 :  4:03:32 PM  Show Profile
Just to be clear:

The Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft -DRG- existed from 1920 to 1945 (well, actually 1949).
The Deutsche Reichsbahn as a solid state directed entity and part of the Nazi-apparatus was between 1936 - 1945.
I think it was in 1937 when the official take over as a Nazi-controlled organization with the official introduction of the new insignia came about.
Obviously the Nazi influence stopped in 1945, the entity Deutsche Reichsbahn however carried on to 1949, at which point the official formation of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) in the west was formed, whereas the sowjet-zone Railway maintained the name Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR). There are political and legal reasons why the eastern part of the railway system continued to carry on with the name of the old organization.

So from a WWII diorama perspective - and for that matter to keep historical facts straight - its important to separate Epoche II (starting in 1920) in general from the highly influenced and state driven time period between 1937 and 1945.
One can argue that the Nazi influence started to strongly increase in 1933 with Hitler coming to power, but the official "alignment" happened in 1937.
The "integration" of Austria and its railways happened in 1938. Again a key event changing the game, due to the influx of their rolling stock. It all depends on what/where you want to model.
Of course after September 1939, the switch to war-time traffic again changed a lot.

As I said, from a modeling perspective definitely a challenge. Both technological as well as psychological....


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