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Posted - 2004 November 12 :  11:01:47 PM  Show Profile
I know this is an oddball, but then again P2K will be offering the Alco RS-27, another oddball, in 2006. 40 T-6's were built, mostly for N&W and PRR, two popular roadnames with HO modelers, and the PRR T-6's went on to serve Penn Central, a roadname that has grown in popularity over the past few years. As for the RS-27, only 27 were built, and for popular roadnames, UP, PRR, Soo Line, etc....If P2K is giving the RS-27 a try, maybe Atlas could consider the T-6....

BTW, I've seen Delaware Coast Line's ex-PRR/PC T-6 in action in Lewes, Delaware, switching SPI-Pharma. Looks and sounds great, for an old Alco switcher....Add DCL and Arkansas & Missouri to the possible roadname list for the T-6, Atlas....
"Good, we'll have our battle in the shade."

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  12:28:00 AM  Show Profile

seems that N&W had 40!!!
PRR/PC/CR had 6!!!
all totalled 57 were biult,2 of which
were the last complete locos built by
a quick T6 can be made by cutting
down an RS11 hood and useing it on
any of the Atlas S the S
hood in case someone does dothis loco
some day.this can be as detailed as You
like,or left as-is,have seen them in
several states of detail,and hard to
tell from a 70s KMT brass version if they
are moveing.
have fun!!!

Erie,America's 1st Trunk Line !!
Piermont N.Y. to Dunkirk N.Y.,1848 !!!
Waiting For Skip's Train To Pull Into Hillside Station !!

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  12:36:55 AM  Show Profile
I will take a few...
in N&W flavor!

Triplex, the most poorly engineered steamer ever, although if you cut one in two, they do make a decent 2-8-8-0 and 2-8-2!

Sorry, I could not help myself.


"You can always tell when a Shay has come off the track, the ride suddenly gets smoother!"

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  01:50:20 AM  Show Profile  Visit Trainworm's Homepage
i could probibly be talked into picking up a couple of Arkansas & Missouri T-6's they are still going stroung in the Ozarks.

but i would need a few A&M C420's to go with them

Southern Pacific
Wash racks!?!?!? We dont need to steenkin wash racks!!

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  07:13:56 AM  Show Profile
IMHO a T-6 would be welcome by the PRR and N&W modelers.I believe some of these units may have found homes on short lines.

Summerset Ry.

Edited by - Brakie on 2004 November 13 07:14:36 AM

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  09:56:24 AM  Show Profile  Visit PRR4465's Homepage
I'll take a T6 in PRR and 4 undecs (along with a few E44's!).

Dave Witty

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Happy Dave runs his trains!

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  10:18:45 AM  Show Profile
I could use a few more T-6s. I've got one of the original Alco Models units but haven't repowered it yet. Do the wheelbases differ on the Atlas S models or can I use any of the chassis to repower my brass T6?
One of the original American Cyanamid T6s is still down here in Tampa. I see it from time to time but have yet to have had an opportunity to pull over and listen to it work.

Greg Davis

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  10:36:23 AM  Show Profile  Visit MLW's Homepage
Did someone say "ALCO" ?

Yea, I'll be interested

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Nigel .

Posted - 2004 November 13 :  11:59:42 AM  Show Profile
[i] I use any of the chassis to repower my brass T6?
Greg Davis

I am using a P2K SW9/1200 chassis because of cost, and availability of the SmokeyValley roller bearing side frames to fit.

N&W 1950 to 1955

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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  12:53:34 PM  Show Profile
T6 Alco switchers are still going strong on the A&M, They are their primary switchers in the Ft. Smith, Springdale Ar. yards, They are even lashed up sometimes with A&M C-420 road units on the Ft. Smith Turn, a daily freight between Ft. Smith and Springdale, Those old Alco units really put on a show climbing the steep grades of the Ozarks, up to 2.5 percent in places, A new model of either the T6, or C-420 units would be a welcome addition to the HO scale ranks, especially in the attractive Maroon of the A&M.


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Posted - 2004 November 13 :  12:55:39 PM  Show Profile
S-6 S-6 S-6 we need it
1st. More made. Are they the
same wheelbase? Both?!?!
Did anyone else notice the
big add in Craftsman for HH660s
in resin!!

Modeling western railroading in HO

Edited by - Gnarly on 2004 November 13 12:56:38 PM

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Posted - 2004 November 14 :  10:36:31 AM  Show Profile
The T-6 is a very distinctive switcher, and, as I said earlier, was rostered by some big Class 1's that, though fallen flags, are still very popular with HO modelers today. P2K is offering the RS-27 in 2006, only 27 built, but, again, it's an Alco that was found on several Class 1's that are popular in HO scale. I'll be getting two of the Penn Central RS-27's. I'm sure PRR, PC and N&W modelers would do the same with the T-6.

"Good, we'll have our battle in the shade."

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Posted - 2004 November 14 :  10:53:43 AM  Show Profile  Visit PRR4465's Homepage
I have a feeling that it is just a matter of time before a T6 is produced, considering that Proto is producing the RS27. Who knew a year ago that an RS27 would even be considered in plastic? In fact, I think that over the next few years we'll see high quality plastic models of ALL of the Alco Century line including the C636 and maybe the rest of Alco's earlier production line. So just you wait and see-there'll be a T6 sooner or later.

Dave Witty

Photo albums:

Happy Dave runs his trains!

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Posted - 2004 November 14 :  6:33:03 PM  Show Profile
Ya gotta love anything with notches on it's hood(s)!!!

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Posted - 2004 November 14 :  9:46:46 PM  Show Profile
Ahh, the hood notches of the T-6..that is what makes this locomotive special, and thus a great candidate for P2K or Atlas in 2006 (mid-term elections) or 2007 (off-year elections). I'd love to see Atlas offer the T-6, but P2K is always lurking...

"Good, we'll have our battle in the shade."

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Posted - 2004 November 14 :  9:55:16 PM  Show Profile
The T6's are my favorite Alco switchers - I saw N&W units as a kid and remember them well. I also love OHCR 400 (ex MCRR same) which would be a neat modeling project with its unique Hi Ad trucks and flattened down cab roof for industrial clearances.

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